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Liz Funk

Keeping calm under stress

While midterms consume the schedules of students across campus, personal care often becomes less important. Students who cannot find time to check back into reality and prioritize relaxation, often find stress building up along with a multitude of health concerns to navigate.

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Delta Zeta hosts 'Hike for Hearing' event

Over the years, Greek life at Grand Valley State University has focused its resources, efforts and time on philanthropy and working towards making a difference in the community. The GVSU Delta Zeta chapter brought its philanthropy outdoors to an off-campus nature trail for the second annual "Hike for Hearing" event.


​GVSU chapters raise more than $200,000 for charity

From walking miles for Multiple Sclerosis awareness to hosting baking competitions, the Greek life at Grand Valley State University is committed to building philanthropic efforts and straightening the community. For the 2015 calendar year, the funds raised by the GVSU Greek community increased by $44,500 compared to the 2014 amount. Last year, both fraternities and sororities completed 50,772 hours of direct service.

GVL / Sara Carte - Gamma Phi Beta sets up a booth for their Gamma Phive K run that is being held on April 17, in the Kirkhof center on Monday, Apr. 11, 2016.

'Girls on the Run'

Ask a middle school student to spend their free-time scampering along a track twice weekly and most might not find it appealing. Despite the strong commitment, thousands of young girls across the nation boldly participate in Girls on the Run to build self-confidence and lifelong skills.

GVL / Kasey Garvelink - Kmystry Taylor-Jackson fills out a sheet saying which cloting items she donated to keep track of inventory at the Greek Closet event on Apr. 12, 2016 in Allendale.

Greek Closet to provide attire for Kelloggsville prom

For some high school students, attending prom means dropping hundreds of dollars on a dress or suit, a pair of shoes, accessories and a hair appointment. This does not take into account the cost of the event itself. Ultimately, the price of prom is simply outside of many students’ budgets, and all for attire that might only be worn for a single night.

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Tri Sigma hosts second annual cupcake competition

As the semester draws to a close, students may find themselves overwhelmed by the intense reality that finals are looming just around the corner, a mere four weeks away. The ladies of Grand Valley State University’s Tri Sigma are hosting a sweet event that’s sure to cure those end-of-the-semester jitters.