GVL / Maddie Forshee
Kendall Farkas participates in the bi-annual reading of Homer's The Odyssey Oct. 28 in the Mary Idema Pew Library.

Keeping Homer alive

Literature can be celebrated in many ways. While festivals are more common, Grand Valley State University is hosting a 24-hour long marathon reading to celebrate the work of Homer.

GVL/Luke Holmes
These girls are enjoying their breakfast in the Pere Marquette Room of Kirkhof before the meeting gets started Oct. 17. The Raw Beauty Initiative is a Christian-based woman’s group based on Grand Valley’s campus.

Raw Beauty Initiative focuses on social pressures

Women are constantly under pressure to be beautiful. Movies, magazines and television all feature nothing short of perfection, which leaves a lot of stress on women in their daily lives.One group of women is trying to bring the women of Grand Valley State University together to realize their true inner beauty through a new series of discussions called the Raw Beauty Initiative.

GVL / Courtesy - Kin Ma
Shawmut Hills students participating in National GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Day (2013)

Geography Day brings fun, learning to students

Grand Valley State University’s Geography and Planning Department and Association of Student Geographers, as part of the Engaged Department Initiative, will host a class of seventh grade students of Shawmut Hills, a Grand Rapids Public School, for what is being called a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Day.

Jim Markus (left) and Dwight Hillstrom (right) wait for students to come and talk with them on Oct. 13 in Allendale, MI. The Listening Post is an on campus ministry for students to come and talk about anything on their mind.

Listening to Lakers

Walking through the Kirkhof Center lobby, students can see many different organizations at booths, vying for their attention. Amidst the hectic atmosphere, there is one table that sits quietly and lets students come to them

GVL / Kevin Sielaff      
Steve Perry, member of the GVSU Native American advisory board, speaks during the Re-Thinking Columbus event on Oct. 12 in Loosemoore Auditorium.

Rethinking Columbus Day

"In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue..." Many people know the story, but most don’t realize that that’s all it is - a story. Recently, there has been a push to end the celebration of Columbus Day as a national holiday.