GVL / Claire Fisher - The Yavin IV Saxophone Quartet perform at Eerkshire Middle School in Beverly Hills, MI on May 3, 2016.

GV Saxophone studio spreads their love of music

Traveling around the state, performing for young music students and answering some outrageous questions, the saxophone studio at Grand Valley State University is continuing their work this summer with an outreach tour for elementary school, middle school and high school band programs.

GVL / Sara Carte - Gamma Phi Beta sets up a booth for their Gamma Phive K run that is being held on April 17, in the Kirkhof center on Monday, Apr. 11, 2016.

'Girls on the Run'

Ask a middle school student to spend their free-time scampering along a track twice weekly and most might not find it appealing. Despite the strong commitment, thousands of young girls across the nation boldly participate in Girls on the Run to build self-confidence and lifelong skills.