Courtesy: David Theune

GV alumnus travels to Netherlands to promote anti-bullying

According to the American Society for the Positive Care of Children, 160,000 students skip school each day in fear of being bullied. A Grand Valley State University alumnus, David Theune, has made it his priority to defeat bullying in the classroom through promoting empathy.  Theune graduated from GVSU in 2009 with a Master’s in Education Degree and is currently a high school teacher at Spring Lake Public Schools. For the past three years, he has been sharing student stories of bullying throughout Spring Lake and surrounding communities. 

Courtesy / Delta Gamma

GV welcomes Delta Gamma to the Panhellenic community

Out of a variety of sororities, Delta Gamma was chosen to become the newest member of the Grand Valley State University Greek community this year. Delta Gamma, which has 151 collegiate chapters throughout the United States, is a group that focuses on “Doing good,” both on a holistic and individual scale.  “The committee believed that the values of Delta Gamma and what they were proposing to the committee fit best with the Grand Valley community,” said Julia Henderson, the Panhellenic President at GVSU.

Courtesy / Roger Gilles

GV writing professor publishes new book about forgotten women’s sport

Roger Gilles, a writing professor at Grand Valley State University since 1992, explores the beginning of women’s athletics through his new book Women on the Move: The Forgotten Era of Women’s Bicycle Racing. Three years in the making, Gilles’ book was published on Oct. 1, 2018. Its focus is on one of the most popular, yet most forgotten, sports in America in the 1890’s – women’s professional bicycle racing.

Courtesy / Office of Multicultural Affairs

"We Are Not Invisible" program to celebrate black history

Each year, Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) day is celebrated to display MLK’s importance in human history. This year through the “We are not Invisible” program, the Multicultural Affairs Department at Grand Valley State University strives to not only recognize the day, but to make a regular routine in celebrating the important contributions that African Americans have made. On Friday, Feb. 1, the Multicultural Affairs Department will be hosting “We are not Invisible” from 12 to 1:30 p.m. There will be a variety of activities going on with focus primarily on the significance of Black History Month.

Courtesy / Special Olympics Michigan

It’s time to take the plunge, Lakers

There is over 20 thousand Special Olympics athletes in the state of Michigan alone. Special Olympics, which was founded in 1968, aims to use the power of sports to empower and support those with intellectual disabilities. The organization supports over five million athletes worldwide, and is entirely volunteer and donation driven.  This Saturday, Feb. 2, residents of West Michigan will have the opportunity to support Special Olympics by participating in the Grand Rapids Polar Plunge. The plunge will take place at 5 p.m. at the Score Restaurant and Sports Bar, with registration starting at 3 p.m. 

Courtesy: Kristin Hedges

GVSU professor keeps Maasai knowledge and culture alive through catalog

“The Maasai are well known as an indigenous group in East Africa, but with that also comes stereotypes and this image of a one-time definition of who they are,” said Kristin Hedges, Assistant Professor of Anthropology. “The reality is that cultures are always changing and they are, too.” Hedges was a Peace Corps volunteer from 2000 to 2003, during which she stayed with the Maasai Tribe in Kenya. Since then, Hedges has continued to visit and work with the community.  Most recently, Hedges worked with the tribe to document traditionally used medicinal plants. The project, which started as just a documentation, eventually turned into a small, easy to use catalog. 

Courtesy: Jeff Bouwman

GV alumnus Jeff Bouwman named 2019 Science Teacher of the Year

GVSU Alumni Jeff Bouwman was named the 2019 Science Teacher of the Year by the Michigan Science Teachers Association (MSTA).   Bouwman, ’03, is currently a science teacher at Shumate Middle School in Gibraltar, Michigan. Along with being a science teacher, he is also a Science Education and Educational Science Technology Adjunct Professor at University of Michigan- Dearborn.  “It’s an honor. We are doing amazing things for students in the Gibraltar school district,” said Bouwman. “We are providing amazing real-world science opportunities for our students.”

Courtesy Billy Lanford

Peer educators teach importance of bystander intervention

Awareness about sexual harassment and assault has been a huge focus in the past year. From the Me Too movement to Time’s Up, our society has been more exposed to the harm and injustice surrounding sexual harassment than ever before. However, with this new found knowledge, many people still don’t know how to help others in the case of sexual assault and harassment. Luckily, we have resources right here at Grand Valley State University that focus on educating students to be active bystanders. 

Courtesy GVSU

Billy Lanford to share his experience at the Vision, Process, Both? event

On Wednesday, Jan. 9, Lanford will be speaking at the Vision, Process, Both? event. The talk will take place at Seidman Forum 1008A from 4:30 to 5:45 p.m. Lanford is currently the Ambassador of Wellness and the Director of Operation at A.K. Rikk’s in Grand Rapids, MI. He has had a lot of experience with interviews and has learned what to do and what not to do, so he wants to share that with others. “My biggest passion is helping people take that next step,” said Lanford. “Everybody has that next step. Whether you are a college student or a CEO, it doesn’t matter because you are constantly evolving.”