Phi Gamma Delta at GVSU. Courtesy / Phi Gamma Delta twitter

Letter to the Editor: Greek Life

On Monday, Nov. 5, 2018, The Lanthorn ran with the headline “Hung out to dry: GV imposes sanctions on Greek life, cite issues within the community.” This article mirrored similar headlines that have spread like wildfire over the past few days. These articles all have led with the indefinite alcohol ban as their headline.  If you ask any Greek member at Grand Valley, these articles and news reports spread a false narrative that Greek Life is full of irresponsible behavior and reckless, out of control students. The headline itself is not false — indeed, the university has enacted an alcohol ban on Greek organizations — however, the circumstances of this ban have been misconstrued. 


Letter to the editor: Who is harming whom?

This is my comment on the Lanthorn’s March 26 column “We’re harming more than just the president,” written by Shae Slaughter. I find her column very confusing, and I intend to take issue with a number of her opinions and claims expressed in it.  


Why young people should run for office

On Dec. 19, 2017, the city of Grand Rapids saw one of its youngest elected officials in its history sworn into office. In November of 2017, at the mere age of 19, Ivory Lehnert was elected to the Grand Rapids Public Library Board. On the same day, Michigan State University students turned out to successfully elect 21-year-old MSU student Aaron Stephens to the East Lansing City Council. Across the country, young people are running to make a difference in their local communities. Now, it’s your turn.  


Letter to the editor: Careless​ ​legislation​ ​won’t​ fix​ ​our​ ​schools

Recently, the Michigan Senate passed SB 574, allowing charter schools to get a share in the millages raised by countywide intermediate school districts (ISDs) across Michigan. This week, the Michigan House of Representatives passed their version of the law. It must now go to joint session, where leaders of both chambers iron out the difference, and then be sent to Gov. Rick Snyder's desk for consideration. 


Guest column: 'No phone' zones

Starting Wednesday, Oct. 25, pedestrians in Honolulu will be ticketed and fined $35 if they are caught viewing their electronic devises while crossing the street. Honolulu is the first city in the U.S. to enact such a ban. Might Grand Valley State University wish to consider a similar policy not only while crossing busy streets but in other areas of the university? 


Some thoughts on liberal education and the current climate

Last November’s election was particularly polarizing. It revealed deep divisions and antagonisms in our culture inspiring everything from fear, panic, and disbelief to optimism and solidarity. I for one admit to having felt the impact both intellectually and emotionally. I’ve struggled, as I think many have, with the question of how to approach the deep divisions we face both reasonably and productively.