GVL / Sara Carte
Music Education major, Ashley Kooistra, practices playing her viola in a practice room in the Performing Arts Center on Jan. 29.

PAC addition could relieve packed spaces

The students are rehearsing in faculty offices, the equipment is being stored wherever space is found and the schedule for classrooms and performance halls is booked solid; the Performing Arts Center is packed. A new addition to the building is in the planning stages to help relieve some of these tight spaces.

GVL / Courtesy - David Stark

Abrazos film brings new perspective on immigration

As the presidential election continues to heat up, there will doubtlessly be much debate about immigration issues, with the most controversial being illegal immigration. A recent Latin American cultural event at Grand Valley State University aimed to broaden student perspectives on immigration by putting faces, names and stories to a topic that is often viewed in a vacuum.

GVL / Kevin Sielaff - Andrew Uhe, former Grand Valley student, performs in the Louis Armstrong Theatre Jan. 14, 2016. Uhe, a native of West Michigan, currently lives in Texas where he performs with the symphony orchestras located in Victoria and Corpus Christi.

Alumnus Andrew Uhe: Life After Graduation

From classes to late night studying, university life may sometimes feel like living in a bubble that’s disconnected from reality. But after his recent return to Grand Valley State University, a violinist and GVSU alumnus said he hopes that students will see, hear and feel how their intentions, perspectives and achievements can influence the future.

Guest perfomer, Sookkyung Cho, performs with Grand Valley’s Symphony Orchestra on Dec. 12 in Allendale, MI.

Professor Profile: Sookkyung Cho

With her expansive background and pensive view of the arts, Sookkyung Cho is a new music professor this year at Grand Valley State University who is using the keys on her piano to fully unlock the imagination, creativity and potential of not only her students, but also all who hear her play.