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Stop buying Call of Duty

Nauseatingly frequent sequels have become the bread, butter and Lamborghini of our cultural overlords in Hollywood. Yet still I am filled with regret to watch game franchises grow so old. I remember my father playing Call of Duty in the basement before I even liked shooters, and it was so cool then that it was one of the highlights of our week to just watch him play. Unfortunately, it sold so well then that they’ve been rereleasing it every year since. Everybody has it, nobody wants it and it shows up every year, but unlike the phonebook Call of Duty is far from free.

What you should know in transitioning to GV

One month into freshmen year, it’s clear there are some things the university forgot to mention. I’m going to address a few I would have liked to know.

Defusing the roommate bomb

We’re quickly approaching the time when roommate situations start to fall apart, when you can walk through campus and hear at least two people gossiping about the weird stuff their roommate does, or their refusal to wash their dishes, even though they’ve started to mold. You’re out of the roommate honeymoon phase, and now you’re starting to notice their annoying tendencies.