Recognizing student leadership on campus and beyond

Throughout the month of November, the Office of Student Life is accepting nominations for the annual "I Am Grand Valley" leadership recognition program. The goal of this campaign is to honor a wide range of students at Grand Valley State University who display exceptional leadership skills. Initiatives like the I Am Grand Valley campaign make it clear that leadership and teamwork abilities are valued at GVSU. 


Should Facebook have a 'dislike' button?

With advancements in technology, along with vast updates and upgrades, comes customer accommodation. We saw Apple consumers persuade Apple to finally include a middle finger emoji as an option on the keyboard. Facebook, however, isn’t as easily convinced by its consumers that the "dislike" button is a good idea.


Review: 'Thor: Ragnarok'

If you’re like most of humanity and you haven’t spent your life obsessing over comic books, you probably can’t help but see the premise of the "Thor" movies as ridiculous. Given that the series and its "Avengers" tie-ins revolve around a millennia-long family feud between viking gods (who are actually just magic aliens who don’t believe in haircuts), you probably have a point there.


Letter to the editor: Careless​ ​legislation​ ​won’t​ fix​ ​our​ ​schools

Recently, the Michigan Senate passed SB 574, allowing charter schools to get a share in the millages raised by countywide intermediate school districts (ISDs) across Michigan. This week, the Michigan House of Representatives passed their version of the law. It must now go to joint session, where leaders of both chambers iron out the difference, and then be sent to Gov. Rick Snyder's desk for consideration. 


Why owning a dog is good for your health

When a dog is being walked around campus, it’s usually swarmed by giddy college students who desperately miss their furry companions. Of course, owning a dog has its pros and cons, and while having a "cuddle buddy" is high on the pros list, dogs have much more to offer. In fact, studies have shown that dogs increase the mental and physical health of their owners.