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Movies don’t substitute teachers

I foresee a future where instructors will no longer show their students films during class time.

See, when I go to class, I expect some level of interaction with my professor: be it them lecturing for the hour and me trying not to fall asleep, or a group activity where we consult the instructor and I try to care about the opinions of my peers.

In both examples, attempts at real-life discourse are being made.

When the instructor elects to show a movie instead, no matter its relevancy, I can’t help but feel disappointed.

Headphones can be dangerous

About 90 percent of the students who walk on or around campus are wearing headphones, myself included. It’s a nice way to block out the unnecessary noise around us and to listen to something we enjoy. 

Choose roommates and apartments carefully

In December of 2013, my two friends and future roommates and I had to be quick to sign up for an apartment this year at Campus View.