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How to get out of a fitness rut

Recently, I came to the conclusion that I was in a fitness rut. My exercise routine had grown stagnant, I was bored with my workout DVDs and I had little motivation to make the long trek to the Fieldhouse gym. I knew I needed something to revitalize my motivation and get me excited about working out again.

Required textbook $100 ? Write it on your course evaluation

It’s a weight on our shoulders, growing more onerous for every class of students entering college; a ball and chain inhibiting our upward socioeconomic mobility; a cross that many of us bear for years after graduation; and, most importantly, it’s a burden that keeps many brilliant people from attending university in the first place. Colossal financial obligations constitute a defining aspect of our generation’s experience with postsecondary education. Tuition, books, housing, food: it all adds up quickly, and nobody works for free.

Don't give in to the peer pressure to smoke

Cigarettes were not at all unknown to us. We've crossed paths with countless smokers that truly repulsed us with littered butts, polluting stench and general nastiness that made us vow never to smoke. We couldn’t understand the motivation to inhale fatality but, unfortunately, college invited many to relate to that same perspective we condemned for years.