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Former nursing student Meghan Jordan (2014)

New nursing college approach helps all

Grand Valley State University’s Kirkhof College of Nursing is taking on a refreshing new approach to how applicants are accepted into the program. The new holistic admissions process looks more into the individuals skills and values rather than academic standing alone. The nursing program at Grand Valley is arguably one of the most difficult programs to get into, requiring a minimum grade point of average of 3.5. 


We’re harming more than just the president

Our current presidential administration has seen its fair share of scandals. There have been plenty of news cycles concerned with firings, hirings and much more. However, in the last few months we’ve also seen an uptake in discussion about claims related to Donald Trump’s infidelity. While I am a proponent of honesty I do believe that in this case some matters are better left private. 


Guest column: Let's talk about stress

Our senior year of college is one that, by design, causes us to reflect. We reflect on the times we’ve had through a series of “lasts,” and we critically analyze the work we’ve done in our capstones—the culminating point of our undergraduate careers. In our communications capstone, we’ve worked with the combined knowledge and experience of the class to fully analyze community and the significance of that definition in our lives.  Furthermore, as a small group, we, the authors of this piece, have worked to identify key issues within two communities with which we are familiar. And as seniors getting ready to graduate, we thought it fitting to take the time to review our last few years as members of these two groups: Grand Valley State University students, and Grand Valley State University students with part-time jobs. 


Cynthia Nixon a refreshing choice for governor

Politics have long been considered a field that is predominantly filled with old, white men. This assumption isn’t surprising considering that even today, less than 20 percent of congressional positions are filled with either a woman and/or a minority. However, this year’s election cycle has recorded a record number of women running for office, which is, in my opinion, a change for the better. One of those women is Cynthia Nixon, and she is a great example of the refreshing change that is starting to show in politics.

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Off-campus housing complexes should stop offering tanning

Few feelings are better than lying out to tan and enjoying the warmth of the sun, especially considering the distinct lack of sunlight in Allendale lately. To remedy this lack of warmth, many people find themselves resorting to tanning beds to get that bronzy glow. However, because of the dangers associated with the radiation brought on by tanning beds, as well as other negative side effects, frequent tanners are putting themselves at serious risk.  With nearly one dozen locations scattered near Grand Valley State University for students to utilize for tanning, it’s easier than ever for young adults to open themselves up to the risk of developing cancer at an early age as a result of frequenting tanning beds. 


Review: Netflix’s 'The Crown' makes history more accessible

For roughly a year and a half, Netflix has been releasing episodes of an original show called "The Crown," which documents the life of England’s current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. The show is an interesting break away from a lot of the work currently on air or online because it takes a look back at the past. "The Crown" is certainly not a documentary, but I believe that Netflix’s choice to make this show is a great step toward combining education and entertainment.