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Living alone isn't awful

“You can’t live alone! It's social suicide!” OK, so maybe that isn’t exactly what Damien from “Mean Girls” says, but it’s what everyone thinks. If you’re anything like me, you start to get small heart palpitations when thinking about living arrangements for the next school year.

Knowing when to quit

I didn’t really realize that I had taken on too many obligations this semester until this weekend, about two weeks into it. Sure, I’d figured out already that Spanish 201 is not a language class I’m qualified to be taking (but it is one I do need to graduate in May, so c'est la vie). 

Discussing the real issues instead of the symptoms

If it’s true that it’s how we think and not what we think that’s important, it follows that it’s how we talk and not what we talk about that is similarly essential. But what does this mean in the modern media landscape that is simultaneously exploding and contracting all of the time? Should we bicker about whether Michael Brown was a petty thief, or ask how he ended up shot? How about what it means that a global warming prediction from 1995 has been changed, or how to stop our economy from smothering our planet with CO2?