GVPD: student death due to natural causes, investigation ongoing

In an April 25 email addressed to Grand Valley State University's staff, faculty and student body, Vice Provost and Dean of Students Loren Rullman alerted the campus community that a GVSU student died on campus that evening.  Grand Valley Police Department Capt. Jeff Stoll said that university police responded to a "medical incident" on the south side of GVSU's Allendale campus shortly after 5 p.m., alongside Allendale Fire Department and paramedics from Life EMS. GVPD responding officers and paramedics attempted to resuscitate the student and were unsuccessful. The student was pronounced dead on the scene around 5:15 p.m. 

GVL / Luke Holmes - A GVPD cruiser stays running in the parking lot of Campus View Apartments. The ride along with Sergeant Jeff Stoll took place on Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016.

How high is "too high?" GVPD addresses drugged driving

Cannabis is now legal recreationally in Michigan for residents over the age of 21. As citizens and state lawmakers continue to navigate this change in law, the subject of intoxicated driving proves to be one of the biggest discussion points surrounding cannabis legalization.  A March 2019 report from the Michigan Impaired Driving Safety Commission (IDSC) actually suggested that a specific threshold should not be set to define drugged driving, akin to the .08 blood alcohol threshold. Instead, officers will essentially have to rely on their training and the use of roadside sobriety tests to determine whether an individual is too high to drive.

GVL/Archive - Junior Theraputic Recreation student Angela Thweni works on finishing homework in the Mary Idema Pew Library on Wednesday, March 29, 2017.

April showers: GVPD says April is worst for student mental health

It’s finally April, and final exams are approaching quickly for students at Grand Valley State University. Some students are breathing a sigh of relief knowing that the end is near, but according to Grand Valley Police Department, preparing for finals also leaves many students buckling under extreme pressure. GVPD Capt. Jeff Stoll confirmed that last week, four GVSU students were hospitalized due to ailments of poor mental health and encourages struggling students to de-stress and prioritize their well-being. 

GVL / Benjamin Hunt Avoiding sexual assault. 12/1/18. GVSU Allendale Campus.

GVSU to spend $3 million on updated surveillance system

Security is a priority for public and private academic institutes everywhere and Grand Valley State University is no exception. Grand Valley Police Department intends to increase safety measures across the Allendale, Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Holland campuses by adding hundreds of exterior surveillance cameras while also improving the software and infrastructure through which these devices operate. The nearly $3 million project could take up to two years to complete.

Courtesy / GVPD

GVPD presents Stop the Bleed seminars

Created in 2013 by the American College of Surgeons after the Sandy Hook tragedy, Stop the Bleed attendees will learn to control bleeding by direct pressure, wound packing and the use of tourniquets. They will also learn to identify life-threatening bleeding and how to take further action depending on the location of the wound. According to research cited by the Stop the Bleed campaign, about 40% of trauma-related deaths are caused by uncontrolled bleeding, making it one of the leading causes of preventable death.  

GVPD checks a suspicious vehicle on Saturday October 28, 2017. GVL / Emily Frye   

As GVSU grows, GVPD expands patrol in downtown Grand Rapids

As the Laker community continues to grow in the big city, Grand Valley Police Department recognizes the subsequent need for increased security. GVPD now has two officers on duty near the Grand Rapids campuses, the first step in their plan to establish a downtown GVPD unit.  Upon the opening of Finkelstein Hall in fall 2018, GVPD assigned officer JP West to patrol the Grand Rapids campuses weekdays between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. Starting this week, officer Andrew Dusendang will start his new job patrolling in the evening.

courtesy / gvsu.edu

Laker Guardian hosts app logo design contest

In an effort to increase the utilization of Grand Valley State University’s “Laker Guardian” app, Grand Valley Police Department is running a logo design contest open to all current GVSU students.  “This contest will allow our students to showcase their talents — not only for those going into visual arts and media, but those students who design or draw as a hobby,” said GVPD Sgt. William O’Donnell. 


Distracted driving: Michigan city bans phone use for drivers

Beginning Friday, Feb. 15, drivers in Battle Creek, Mich. are likely to get pulled over if they are caught using a phone while driving, regardless if the driver is actually texting or not. Drivers in violation of the new law could be issued a civil infraction and fined $100 for the first offense or $200 for the subsequent offenses. 

2/2/19, GVSU Allendale Campus, Polar Vortex.  GVL / Katherine Vasile

Snow week means snow work for GVSU essential staff

Michigan winters, though beautiful, are frigid and hazardous. Snow days are not uncommon — in fact, they’re considered a rite of passage for those who endure these subarctic conditions year after year. Grand Valley State University is known to permit the occasional snow day in exceptionally bad weather, but last week, the brutal temperatures and continuous snowfall broke records all over the Midwest and caused the most consecutive snow days in GVSU history.