GVL / Dylan McIntyre. Hank Meijer and Gleaves Whitney speaking together at the Loosemore Auditorium about the Hauenstein Center for Presidential Studies on Thursday, Nov. 2, 2017.

Author, Meijer CEO holds book release at GVSU

Arthur Vandenberg was a Republican senator from Grand Rapids who worked through differences in views to help create the United Nations, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and other important pieces of foreign policy legislation. To offer more perspective on this, Hank Meijer, co-chairman and CEO of Meijer, wrote a biography about the life and career of Vandenberg. Meijer was recently at Grand Valley State University to speak about the book. 

GVL / Matt Read
GVSU Student Senate on Thursday September 14, 2017.

Student senate votes in favor of fall break proposal

After hearing about the possibility of a fall break at Grand Valley State University, students may be wondering if any action has been taken and whether they can look forward to a fall breather next academic year. Student senate gathered for its general assembly Thursday, Nov. 2, to discuss whether or not the university should make room for a fall break in the calendar, how long the break would last and when it might go into effect.  

GVL / Courtesy - Melanie Grooters

GVSU alumna runs for Walker City Commissioner

At Grand Valley State University, civic engagement is valued as a core way for students to make a positive impact on their communities, and some even go a step further by running for local office. GVSU alumna Melanie Grooters, for example, is running for a seat on the Walker City Commission Tuesday, Nov. 7.

GVL / Anne Marie Smit

GVSU expands pre-university programs with new Pathways to College Office

Applying to college is an overwhelming process for many high school students who may feel intimidated by the heavier workload, financial questions and the decision of where to enroll. By recently opening the Pathways to College Office under the Division of Inclusion and Equity, Grand Valley State University hopes to expand its pre-college programs to provide guidance for middle and high schools throughout the state of Michigan.


GVSU announces new Traverse City hospice care program

How often do most people take the time to think about death or life-limiting illness? These are subjects that are often avoided in conversation and education due to the difficulties involved in addressing them among larger groups of people.  Grand Valley State University began a program to fill this gap after a 2014 report by the Institute of Medicine highlighted several improvements that could be made to palliative and hospice care for patients and their families.