Title IX conference addresses sexual assault on campus

Grand Valley State University hosted a two-day regional Title IX conference at the DeVos Center on Pew campus. Title IX’s main purpose is prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex in an educational setting.  A pre-conference that was open to the public commenced April 30 and was free of charge before the official two-day regional conference May 1 and 2. There were many workshops and discussions at the event that focused on policies, investigation, case preparation and more. 

Student Senate. Student Senate Meeting. 4:30 p.m in Kirkhof, Pure Marquette Room. February 7th, 2019. Discussing ways in which to approve the conditions of GV Students in regards to the education system.

GV Student Senate prompts LGBTQ inclusion update to Procurement Services

From school supplies to construction, Grand Valley State University contracts businesses for its needs. However, Student Senate recently passed W-19-01, a resolution aimed at integrating LGBTQ inclusion into criteria for contracts awarded by the Board of Trustees. “I knew that these executive directives did not apply to universities, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do that ourselves,” said Student Senate president Eric-John Szczepaniak.

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GVSU Board approves Endowment Fund spending, student scholarship numbers to grow

Grand Valley State University prides itself on being an open-to-all university, creating need and merit-based scholarships to allow for a diverse and growing student body. In an effort to continue this tradition, GVSU’s Board of Trustees recently approved the Endowment Fund spending of 4.5 percent for next year. The continuation of spending will allow for more students to attend GVSU on scholarships that help with aid.  The endowment was created in 1965 and its total value is $130 million, made up of many funds created by donors who support the scholarships given out by the university each year. 

GVL/Kevin Sielaff - A Grand Valley student writes on Nathan Williamson's free speech board on Wednesday, Mar. 22, 2017 outside of Zumberge Hall on Grand Valley's Allendale campus.

Activists take to GV following free speech executive order

After President Trump’s recent executive order for universities to uphold all forms of free speech on campus or risk losing federal funding, a group of anti-abortion activists from Grand Rapid’s Inner City Church Planting Mission showed up on Grand Valley State University’s campus April 8 to see how officials would respond.   The group was directed by David Schutte who had previously demonstrated on the university’s campus. Schutte and his fellow demonstrators initially set up near the Carillon Tower (a designated free speech zone of GVSU), then later left the zone to see if campus police would respond. Police did not interfere.  

GVL / Luke Holmes - A GVPD cruiser stays running in the parking lot of Campus View Apartments. The ride along with Sergeant Jeff Stoll took place on Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016.

How high is "too high?" GVPD addresses drugged driving

Cannabis is now legal recreationally in Michigan for residents over the age of 21. As citizens and state lawmakers continue to navigate this change in law, the subject of intoxicated driving proves to be one of the biggest discussion points surrounding cannabis legalization.  A March 2019 report from the Michigan Impaired Driving Safety Commission (IDSC) actually suggested that a specific threshold should not be set to define drugged driving, akin to the .08 blood alcohol threshold. Instead, officers will essentially have to rely on their training and the use of roadside sobriety tests to determine whether an individual is too high to drive.


Student senate proposal to Board of Trustees calls for more student involvement

Student senate introduced a proposal to the Board of Trustees that seeks to improve and foster student participation within the board’s decision making. If accepted by the board, the proposal will seek more opportunities for student input and ideas on board decisions regarding students.  Student senate president Rachel Jenkin, who co-authored the proposal along with incoming president Eric-John Szczepaniak, explained that she sees the proposal to promote the inclusion of more student voices on changes being made at GVSU. 

GVL / Benjamin Hunt

Equal pay day: Exploring Michigan's wage gap

Tuesday, April 2 was declared by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as Equal Pay Day in Michigan. The date symbolizes how far into the next year a woman has to work to earn the same amount of money a man did during the previous year, sparking a national dialogue on the prevalence of the gender wage gap in Michigan and the rest of the United States. The Equal Pay Act was signed by President John F. Kennedy more than half a century ago, yet today, women in Michigan earn .78 cents for every dollar earned by a man. Employers must pay all employees the same salaries for similar work, but the wage gap looks at the overall picture of money earned in a year, not specific workplaces. Causes of the gap have been explored for decades, but more and more studies conclude that women have more unpaid responsibilities than men, so men are spending more of their time getting paid for their efforts than women do.


Mind the gap: What young professionals can consider about pay equity

The conclusion of the semester is drawing closer, and so students at Grand Valley State University are thinking ahead. For students who are gearing up for their first job after graduation, factors such as location, compensation and benefits are considered before accepting any offers. In light of Equal Pay Day on April 2, students should also take into consideration whether or not their potential employers are transparent about how they pay employees. 

Student Senate. Student Senate Meeting. 4:30 p.m in Kirkhof, Pure Marquette Room. February 7th, 2019. Discussing ways in which to approve the conditions of GV Students in regards to the education system. GVL / Ben Hunt

Student senate approves 2019-2020 Student Life Fund budget

At student senate's general assembly on March 28, the 2019-2020  Student Life Fund (SLF) allocations were approved for over 20 campus councils and events, which is then distributed to almost 400 campus organizations across Grand Valley State University. SLF is compiled of over $1 million from GVSU's general fund and housing and dining.