How to pick a winning March Madness bracket

One in 9,223,372,036,854,777,808. According to Forbes Magazine, those are the odds of selecting a perfect NCAA March Madness bracket. In fact, you have a better chance of winning an Academy Award or becoming the president of the United States (as seen in the 2016 election) than picking a perfect bracket.

GVL / Luke Holmes -  Josh Smith (9) steps up to the plate. GVSU Men's Baseball faced off against Ohio Dominican in a double header on Saturday, April 8, 2017.

GVSU baseball captures six wins during Florida trip

While most of the student body spent their spring break catching up on sleep, drowning in work or getting sunburned somewhere tropical, the Grand Valley State baseball team had a rather productive break in Kissimmee, Florida. The Lakers went 6-3 over the break, including a five-game win streak to improve their overall record to 8-7.

GVL / Spencer Scarber 
GVSU Men's Baskeball vs Ferris State on Saturday January 20, 2018.

Season in review: GVSU men’s basketball lays groundwork for bright future

The season for the Grand Valley State men’s basketball team came to an abrupt end in the quarterfinals of the GLIAC Tournament after they fell 73-65 to Lake Superior State on Wednesday, Feb. 28. With the Lakers ending the season with a 14-15 overall record (9-12 GLIAC), any non-follower could say this season didn't match the level of excellence expected here at GVSU.  But for those who followed their journey, it’s hard to be disappointed with this year’s final product.

GVL / Courtesy

Column: The problem with the NCAA

One of the most polarizing athletes of all time took a stand against one of the most influential athletic organizations earlier in the week.  LeBron James commented on the recent National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) scandals revealed by a federal investigation.