Jim Markus (left) and Dwight Hillstrom (right) wait for students to come and talk with them on Oct. 13 in Allendale, MI. The Listening Post is an on campus ministry for students to come and talk about anything on their mind.

Listening to Lakers

Walking through the Kirkhof Center lobby, students can see many different organizations at booths, vying for their attention. Amidst the hectic atmosphere, there is one table that sits quietly and lets students come to them

GVL / Emily Frye
Brody Cragg (left), Sean Diaz (left center), Annika Gray (right center), and Levi Ryfiak (right)

"Big Queer Lunch" offers safe space

Swarms of new students have finally started to move in and returning students are coming back to Grand Valley State University. Whether they are first-year students or fourth-year students, something that every student understands is trying to build a sense of community during their first few weeks in a new place.