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Voter's guide to the state election

State Senate for the 30th District:

Sarah Howard (D):

  • Lawyer from 2002 to 2014, former experience with political offices
  • BA from Western Michigan University, law degree from the University of Michigan
  • Supports state funds for Detroit
  • Supports the construction of the Detroit River International Crossing
  • Does not support the "Right to Work" law, which allows workers to choose not to be represented by a union
  • Wants to equalize the income tax burden
  • Wants to amend the Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation
  • Does not support the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act

Arlan Meekhof (R):

  • Current state senator, former state representative
  • Bachelor's from Davenport University
  • Supports state funds for Detroit
  • Does not support the construction of the Detroit River International Crossing
  • Sponsored the "Right to Work" bill
  • Has worked to repeal the Michigan Business Tax and the Personal Property Tax
  • Does not want to amend the Elliot-Larsen Act
  • Supports the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out Act

State House of Representatives for the 88th District:

Janice Gwasdacus (D):

  • Billing service manager at AT&T
  • BBA from Davenport University
  • Thinks Michigan should focus on alternative energy sources
  • Supports the Affordable Care Act
  • Believes in campaign finance reform
  • Wants to allow student borrowers to enter bankruptcy

Roger Victory (R):

  • Current state representative
  • Bachelor's degree from Davenport University
  • Wants to repair the Michigan roads with state funds
  • Voted against the minimum wage increase
  • Wants to strengthen the Michigan agriculture sector
  • Does not support legalized abortion or gay marriage

State Senate for the 28th District:

Deb Havens (D):

  • Producer/ writer and retired educator
  • BA from Western Michigan University, MA from University of Florida, doctorate from Eastern Michigan University
  • Supports the allocation of state funds to help Detroit emerge from municipal bankruptcy
  • Advocates for the construction of the Detroit River International Crossing
  • Does not support making Michigan a "Right to Work" state
  • Supports amending the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination based on a person’s sexual orientation
  • Supports same sex marriage and the decriminalization of recreational marijuana

Peter MacGregor (R):

  • Current representative for the 73rd District
  • BA from Michigan State University
  • Does not support the increase in minimum wage
  • Does not support legalized abortion or gay marriage
  • Helped pass "Right to Work" legislation
  • Helped eliminate lifetime welfare benefits and implemented a 48 month lifetime cap on cash assistance for able-bodied individuals 

Ted Gerrard (UST):

  • Business owner
  • BS from Southern Illinois University Carbondale
  • Does not support the increase in minimum wage
  • Believes Michigan should divest itself from the Department of Education
  • Advocate of the right to bear arms
  • Does not support legalized abortion or gay marriage
  • Believes in limited government involvement

State House of Representatives for the 75th District:

Brandon Dillon (D):

  • Current representative for the 75th District, former Kent County commissioner
  • Bachelor's degree from Grand Rapids Community College
  • Opposes "Right to Work" legislation
  • Supports amending the Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination based on a person's sexual orientation
  • Advocates for small class sizes and education funding
  • In favor of legalized gay marriage

John Lohrstorfer (R):

  • Chief technology officer at Loxodonta Development
  • Degree from Aquinas College
  • Supports a tax credit for employers who pay for public transit for employees
  • Did not provide more information on his positions on key issues

State Senate for the 29th District:

Lance Penny (D):

  • Professional driver
  • BA from Beloit College
  •  Does not support the state’s current use of emergency managers
  • Supports raising fees on heavy trucks to raise funds for roads and dedicating the current sales tax on gasoline to roads
  • Supports legally recognized gay marriage
  • Supports legalized abortion 

Dave Hildenbrand (R):

  • Current State Senator
  • BS from Michigan State University
  • Supports the state’s current use of emergency managers
  • Does not support legally recognized gay marriage
  • Does not support legalized abortion

State House of Representatives for the 76th District:

Winnie Brinks (D):

  • Current state representative for the 75th District
  • BA from Calvin College
  • Supports multiple tax credits
  • Would like to slow the rapid rise in college tuition
  • Supports an increase in minimum wage
  • Committed to restoring funding to Michigan schools
  • Supports legalized abortion and gay marriage

Donijo DeJonge (R):

  • Professor of public finance at Grand Valley State University
  • BS from Central Michigan University, MA and PhD from Rutgers University
  • Would like to reallocate part of the gas tax revenue to repair the state's roads
  • Does not support any further increase in minimum wage
  • Would like to see an increase in a trained labor force in Michigan
  • Does not support legalized abortion, but leaves marriage up to religious institutions

William Mohr (UST):

  • Former precinct delegate for the Republican party, currently self-employed
  • No higher education information provided
  • Advocates for Second Amendment rights
  • Believes the Department of Education should be abolished
  • Does not believe there should be a minimum wage
  • Does not support legalized abortion or gay marriage

Voter's guide to midterm elections 2014

Overview of candidates running in the upcoming election

GVSU under investigation for Title IX violations

Grand Valley State University is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights in regard to their compliance with Title IX responsibilities.

Support for sidewalks increases

According to the Ottawa County Road Commission, there has been a history of car accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists on 48

Sec. of State candidates to visit GV

This Wednesday, two candidates running to become the Secretary of State

Laker family mourns loss

On Monday morning, Grand Valley State University student Alexander Aninos was killed in a car accident.

Aninos was a fifth-year music education major, who hoped to become a music teacher and a lacrosse coach.

NPR journalist shares views on changing media

Scott Simon, host of the National Public Radio show “Weekend Edition,” spoke Monday at Grand Valley State University as part of the Fall Arts Celebration series. Simon, a veteran journalist who has covered 10 wars, spoke about his views of storytelling and the future of how journalists tell others’ stories.

Student food pantry seeks to expand its services

>Many students pay a high price to go to school, sometimes sacrificing other commodities in the process. One of the most commonly sacrificed necessities is food. According to Feeding America’s 2012 report, 16.8 percent of Michigan residents are food insecure.

Voting registration deadlines loom

With the midterm election just a scant 34 days away, it’s time to start thinking about voting, especially for college students, who are notoriously bad about getting to the polls.

For those Grand Valley State University students that aren’t registered to vote, the deadline to register in time for the November election is this upcoming Monday, Oct.

Jimmy Carter sheds light on sexual assault at GRCC

In 1978, Jimmy Carter said, “Human rights is the soul of our foreign policy, because human rights is the very soul of our sense of nationhood.”

Since Carter has been out of office, he and his wife, Rosalind, have been working on improving human rights around the world, through the Carter Center.

Tips for ArtPrize

1. For Grand Valley State University students that live downtown, make sure to plan a few extra minutes to your commute, starting Thursday morning.

GV waits to inform students of sexual assault

A Grand Valley State University student was raped in her apartment on Sunday, Sept. 7 just before 4 a.m. The student’s apartment in Country Place Apartments was broken into, and then the student was sexually assaulted. Though the GVSU student reported the incident to the police directly after it happened, GVSU students were not notified of the assault until Thursday afternoon, nearly five days later.

By the numbers

The statistics for the Grand Valley State University class of 2018 are in, and the numbers don’t lie.

This incoming class of freshmen is the largest yet at 4,226 students.

Student Senate sets goals for 2014-2015

The Grand Valley State University Student Senate held their first general assembly meeting of the academic year on Thursday, Aug.

Things to do around Grand Rapids during Labor Day weekend

While many Grand Valley State University students head home to their families for the long Labor Day weekend, there are still quite a few that stick around the Grand Rapids area.

Faculty and staff address focuses on the future

While today marks the start of classes for Grand Valley State University students, it also marks the beginning of a new academic year for the faculty and staff of GVSU.

Starting the semester off right

With students beginning to trickle on campus and classes looming ever closer, the academic year is about to begin. For some, doing well in their classes is as easy as anything. But for others, they could use a little help. Grand Valley State University offers multiple resources for its students to use in order to succeed. However, not all students know about them. The following are just a few of the offices and resources available to students at GVSU.

Chronicles of a camp counselor

Most college students have some sort of summer job to help pay for tuition, and sometimes those jobs can be pretty weird or unpleasant. Some of us work in retail, some of us do landscaping and some of us do whatever odd jobs we can find.

GVSU looks ahead to future

As Grand Valley State University begins to look ahead to the upcoming fall semester and the return of the bulk of its students, the university is also looking even further into the future. The university is finalizing its developmental plan for 2016-2021, as the current developmental plan will end in 2015.

GVSU involved in lawsuit

Grand Valley State University is currently involved in a pending lawsuit in which two students are suing the university for what they feel was a wrongful accusation of academic dishonesty. The two students, Ashley Short and Erin Jurek, were taking MTH 345, Discrete Mathematics, together in the summer of 2013 when their professor accused them of working together on a take-home exam.