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Audra Gamble

Recent articles

Following the Battle of the Valleys funds

Year after year, Grand Valley State University students hang their heads in shame after Saginaw Valley State University students obliterate the Lakers in the Battle of the Valleys charity competition. In 2015, SVSU raised more than twice as much money than GVSU did. But what happens to that money GVSU does manage to raise?

The Lanthorn wants to hear from you

At the Lanthorn, we strive to provide the Grand Valley State University with the most relevant and accurate news possible. However, that is not the only function the Lanthorn serves on GVSU's campus.

Housing policy amended to allow holiday lights on campus

Beginning Monday, decorative holiday lights will be allowed in all on-campus housing. For years, Grand Valley State University’s housing policy banned the festive string lights, citing fire safety concerns.

Dressing to help the oppressed

On Saturday, Meghan Jordan walked across the graduation stage at Van Andel Arena wearing a dress underneath her Laker Blue cap and gown. Many other women did the exact same thing as Jordan this past weekend, but something about Jordan’s dress made her a little different.

'We Stand with Mizzou'

Prayers, poems and pressing gales of wind surrounded approximately 300 members of the Grand Valley State University community as they took part in a “We Stand With Mizzou” demonstration Thursday night.

Mapping Campus Climate

Students at Grand Valley State University know that as soon as they step on campus, being a “Laker for a Lifetime” becomes a part of their identity. For some Lakers, identity can play a bigger role in their college experience than others. This is particularly true for those who identify as part of a minority population.

Hanging out with T. Haas

On the desk of Grand Valley State University’s president, a stack of blue folders sits, two-and-a-half inches high. Inside these glossy folders is everything Thomas J. Haas needs for the day. His schedule, any background materials, talking points and reading materials are placed in the folders by his secretary, Rachel Siglow.

Finding happiness in heels

“Once you have heels on and long hair, you kind of just want to push everyone out of the way. Sometimes, it just happens.” Women the world over know this to be true, but so does Grand Valley State University’s premier drag queen, Ginger Ambrosia.

Changes ahead for student organization leaders

"Community service learning center is anew space, they're in Kirkhof right next to the office of student life.The reason we did this is because the CSLC was barely an office.

Campus Life Night postponed until Saturday

Due to inclement weather on Tuesday night, Campus Life Night has instead been moved to Saturday, September 12. The annual student organization fair, put on by the Office of Student Life, will be from 6 to 8 p.m.

GV, Consumers Energy partner for solar garden

On July 10, members of the Grand Valley State University Board of Trustees approved the building of solar panels on seven to 14 acres of university property.

Board of Trustees approve 3 percent tuition hike

The Grand Valley State University Board of Trustees approved a 3 percent increase in tuition for the 2015-16 academic year at their July 10 meeting.

Lakers get their feet wet at the AWRI

Summertime brings to mind one singular image for Michiganders: the Great Lakes.

Ottawa County to hold hearing on 48th Avenue

The 2014-15 academic year brought with it a handful of accidents involving Grand Valley State University students on 48th Avenue.

GVSU under investigations for Title IX violations

GVSU is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights in regard to their compliance with Title IX responsibilities.

Fulton: 'My son mattered'

Less than three weeks away from what would have been her son’s 20th birthday, Sybrina Fulton gave the keynote address during Grand Valley State University’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day events.

The future of 48th Avenue

After a series of accidents involving Grand Valley State University students on 48th Avenue this semester, Allendale Charter Township has released information about the future plans for the avenue.

Allendale Campus buildings flood, weather advisory issued

The Grand Valley State University facilities services department has confirmed they have received several calls about university buildings flooding on campus.

Lanthorn response to letter to the editor

Since the publication of the article in the April 2 edition of the Lanthorn, there has been a great deal of discussion on social media and on the Lanthorn website comment section about the word choice I used in the article.

Anti-abortion demonstration ignites debate

Recently, the warmer weather has been testing Grand Valley State University students’ ability to focus on their schoolwork. This week, however, the warming temperatures have brought something to campus other than spring fever: anti-abortion demonstrators.