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Ben Glick

Recent articles

Sound the horns

The sirens will call out this July to signal the start of the 10th annual Grand Valley International Trumpet Seminar. From July 20 – 27 some of the best trumpet players in the world will converge on the Grand Valley campus to take part in a weeklong exercise with high school and college-level musicians learning from the field’s top performers. The event attracts students from around the country and around the world in order to participate in a dialogue that will help them cultivate their talents.

One year and one-million down

The Mary Idema Pew Library and Information Commons is a colossus. Hidden beneath its glassy, post-modern exterior is a combined floor area of 150,000 square feet, and for every one of those feet there is an equal number of books available in its stacks, with additional space for 600,000 more in its automated retrieval system ASRS.

On June 24, the Mary Idema Pew Library hits its first-year milestone, and its staff is looking back on the year’s lessons learned and successes earned and how they will be applied to years to come.

“Honestly, I think it’s been amazing,” said Brian Merry, Head of Operations and User Services.

New Music Ensemble concludes tour of national parks

After two years of planning and a 4,000-mile trek, Grand Valley State University’s New Music Ensemble wrapped up its circuit of several national parks in the Southwest.

Headed home

After one of the most gruesome winters in recent memory, most Grand Valley State University students look forward to a break from the rigors of college life and to bask (for a while, at least) in the sun.

Better Together Day promotes interfaith dialogue

The way religion is portrayed today, one could think that it is the source of much of the world’s violence. While religious division continue into 2014, interfaith groups at Grand Valley State University are gathering to address problems facing religion by confronting religious violence and intolerance as a part of a national movement.

Featured club: Wesley Fellowship Worship

Wesley Fellowship Worship at Grand Valley State University hopes to bring an educated perspective on worship and scripture to help GVSU’s Christian students discover and develop their faith with interaction and collaboration.

Women's Center celebrates Women's History Month

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the Grand Valley State University Women’s Center is holding its 11th annual “EqualiTea” gathering on March 18.

Dancin' feet

Sometimes all you want to do is dance, and if you’re on campus this week, there are plenty of opportunities to do just that.

Peace Corps representatives talk to students about volunteering abroad

To many it seems like a thing out of another time, a glory belonging to a generation not our own. The Peace Corps to most of us was, and still is, an outlet for ambitious and altruistic college students to get away and enjoy a romanticized vision of encounters in lands far away from home.

Career Center hosts nearly 200 companies at career fair

With graduation season fast approaching, many students can finally look forward to earning their degree after years of hard work. So now what?

GVTV hosts Valentine's Day date auction

Finding a date in time for Valentine’s Day can be difficult. For those still searching for a partner to spend the evening with, Grand Valley Television offers a solution.

GVSU remembers King through week of events

The arrival of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day heralds a day without classes, and students peg an extra few hours to their weekend. But for many, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is anything but a day off, especially on the Grand Valley State University campus.

Group exercise passes now available

Sometimes we need something to kick us out of the winter blues, and the Grand Valley State University Recreational Department might just have the remedy.

Student Food Pantry offers aid during the holidays

For all too many, the struggle to get a good education comes not just from fried nerves and stressful nights of cramming during finals week, but when there is no money left from sky-rocketing tuition, books and rent.

Capoeira gives students a chance to play the chess of martial arts

Disguised as a dance by African slaves who arrived in Brazil between the 16th and 19th centuries, the Brazilian martial art Capoeira was developed as a fighting technique that slaves could use to practice defense skills in plain sight.

History conference gives students a chance to present

Students at Grand Valley State University were given a chance to present their research at a first-ever undergraduate research conference on Wednesday.

Whale radio gives students a chance to go live

Your grandparents listened to radio, your parents watched TV, and as a member of generation Y, you’re likely a web surfer. However, some students at Grand Valley State University are working to preserve the art of radio and promote its value among younger Americans.

Lecture stresses power through unification

Your voice matters! That was the theme of the NAACP College and Youth Division’s Strange Fruit Series, which focused on cultural and political organizing.

'We shall not be moved'

We shall not be moved. That is the tagline from the past National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Youth and College division summit, where three out of five representative seats are filled by students from Grand Valley State University.

Club explores film mediums

Film is a relatively recent medium that was invented at the end of the 19th century and developed throughout the 20th century into what we know today. Today’s culture is predominantly familiar with film’s commercial purposes, such as modern cinema, television and advertising.