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David Specht

Recent articles

Year in Review: Top features #5

Boasting an attendance rate of over 300,000, ArtPrize is anything but a secret. Within ArtPrize, however, rest a few venues that could be considered the hidden gems of the festival. One of these often-overlooked locations is the recently renovated Harris Building, which sits just a few blocks south of the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts.

From the ground up

For some time, Renee Zettle-Sterling, associate professor of art and design and president of Society of North American Goldsmiths, has been interested in geology – curious as to the science behind the stones that she and her Intro to Jewelry and Metalsmithing students use in their pieces.

Science major gives life to sci-fi novel

Nearly 10 years ago, shortly after graduating high school, Grand Valley State University biochemistry undergraduate Thomas Harper wrote a handful of short stories, one of which focused on the concept of reincarnation. Though written primarily for pleasure, Harper realized that the piece could make for a successful science fiction novel. Shortly thereafter, he devised a plausible ending to the story and began the writing process.

Understanding what it all means

While the newly revised “Making and Meaning” course at Grand Valley State University does fulfill the “Foundation: Arts” requirement that many students encounter on their trek to a degree, it also offers digital natives a chance to slow down and examine their engagement with music, culture, lifestyle, social/political concerns and other elements that have resulted in this generation’s deep involvement with dynamic cultural forms. 

The cultural revolution of this era has had a transformative impact on much of society, which is reflected in the current art scene.

KCON to bring medicine expert to GV

The main goal of the Bonnie Wesorick Center for Health Care Transformation within the Kirkhof College of Nursing at Grand Valley State University is to provide scholarly leadership that unifies interdisciplinary healers in the research and implementation work required to revamp practice at the point of care. One way of achieving this transformation is through the Wesorick Center Distinguished Lectureship, which draws notable speakers involved in the health care field to GVSU to share knowledge specific to his or her given background.

Renowned political scientist Francis Fukuyama to speak at GV

The mission of the Hauenstein Center at Grand Valley State University is to foster a community of ethical, effective leaders for the twenty-first century. The main way in which they strive to hit that mark is by hosting world-class talks, debates and conferences that feature renowned public intellectuals. This Thursday, the center will welcome Francis Fukuyama, an American political scientist, political economist and author.


Alyson Mabie has been interested in graffiti since she was a child. Since enrolling as a geography major at Grand Valley State University, she has taken this interest to the next level by using it as the foundation for her research.

Highlighting the low-pitched

While the tuba is widely recognized as the foundation of any marching band, it isn’t often that the sizeable brass piece receives recognition for its use as a solo instrument. Octubafest aims to change that.

Arts at a Glance

Reading Misreadings

While the Grand Valley Writers Series is known for bringing esteemed and emerging writers from other regions to campus to share their work, up next on the annual series’ roster is none other than one of our own.

Building something out of nothing

While much of Grand Valley State University’s student body was focused on the comedy show and other homecoming-related happenings taking place this past week, a relatively small group was engaged in what was perhaps a more thought-provoking presentation that took place on Wednesday in the lower level of the Kirkhof Center.

ARTS at a glance

A Play Date with GVSU

While most students frantically cram between classes during midterm week, some Lakers will spend that time playing with Play-Doh.

The University Counseling Center is holding its first ever Play Day on Monday, Oct.

Bringing families back together

While incoming freshmen are likely excited to escape the confines of their parents’ homes and get out on their own, it’s only a matter of time before they’re ready to reunite with their loved ones. Beginning on Friday morning and running through Sunday evening, Family Weekend featured a bevy of Wild West-themed activities for Lakers and their relatives to partake in during the much-needed reuniting.

Arts at a glance: Mustard Plug returning to the Pyramid Scheme

Grand Valley State University’s 12,000-piece art collection will look a tad smaller for the remainder of the year.

Founders' ArtPrize entry

With the boom in the craft beer industry it was only a matter of time before beer was considered art, and that moment came during last year’s ArtPrize.

Arts at a glance

Aerospace Allocation

If you're interested in human space flight, or just looking for insight on leadership, crisis management and the role of liberal arts, be sure to free up your evening on Tuesday, Sept.

Arts at a Glance: GVSU Writer's Series Kicks Off

Mo Lasers Mo Problems
With such a saturated market in today’s world of EDM, a truly unique act is something of a spectacle.

Bringing the funk to West Michigan

After celebrating its two-year anniversary in January, the Grand Rapids Soul Club continues to find unique ways of bringing the funk to West Michigan.

Founded by local DJs Josh Breuer, Andrew Christopoulos and Mike Saunders, the GRSC gathers on the fourth Friday of each month ? typically, at The Pyramid Scheme or Billy’s Lounge ? to highlight rare funk and soul via turntables and crates.

ScHoolboy Q to bring West Coast sounds to a West Michigan stage

While Lakers have likely spent the last few days struggling to stay awake during their fellow classmates’ final presentations, there’s one last schoolboy set to present this week whose subject matter might be a bit more provocative.

Combined ensembles bring jubilant music to GVSU

Chamber music, due to the intimacy experienced among its performers, has been described as “the
music of friends.” This week, that friendship will extend beyond the members of Grand Valley State
University’s chamber groups to include other student musicians.