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Kortney Ondayko

Recent articles

Using un-prescribed ADHD medication: Deceitful and Dangerous

I get it: finals week is every college student’s hell. It’s a time of massive stress, pressure and nervousness all packed into one little week of end-of-the-year papers and exams.

Greek life at GVSU: the Hidden Gem

As a high school senior, I would have laughed at the thought of going Greek. Not only that, I never would have equated GVSU with having any sort of vibrant Greek life. But the truth is, as a proud member of the Greek community, Greek life at GVSU is not only vibrant, it is genuine and exemplary.

GVSU’s lack of racial diversity is hurting its students’ college experience

In lieu of the recent bias incident, I believe it is necessary, more than ever, to say the unsaid: Grand Valley’s lack of racial diversity is hurting the student body.