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Maddie Forshee

Recent articles

GVSU Truck Club hosts series of food drives

Marking the last day of Homecoming week for Grand Valley State University was Saturday Oct. 11; a day full of fun, friends, football and, for the Truck Club, philanthropy.

Cardboard Challenge brings new spin to arcades

On Oct. 10 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., there will be a unique addition to Grand Valley State University's Allendale Campus: a student-built cardboard arcade on the Kirkhof lawn.

Student competition heats up for Homecoming

Every fall, students across campus are given the opportunity to show off their Grand Valley State University pride while getting competitive with fellow Lakers during Homecoming Week. From spirit boards to trivia to LipSync, this year’s Homecoming is bound to be no different.

Experiential learning

Last Friday, students could be seen in the lawn outside of Kirkhof throwing a discus, racing and even shooting abow and arrow. However it wasn’t a weird track and field meet, it was the 6th annual Paleo-Olympic Games.

Panhellenic Association Prepares for Fall Recruitment

This weekend, Grand Valley State University will host one of the biggest events of the year, which also serves as one of the most important to the Panhellenic society: fall sorority recruitment. With recruitment starting Friday, Sept. 19, hundreds of girls across campus will come together to find their new homes by rushing a sorority.

Making a difference in the community

It’s no secret that Grand Valley State University students are heavily involved on campus. With over 350 student organizations and many volunteer opportunities, it’s not hard for a student to get involved.

Campus Life Night to Showcase Ample Opportunities for Students

College is all about the experience, so why not get the most out of it? Grand Valley State University's Campus Life Night serves as an annual tradition that helps connect both new and returning students with the community around them.

Fatherly scholars

Single mom’s clubs, mom-to-mom meetings, support groups for new mothers. After perusing the listings, one might wonder where all of the groups for dads are.

Bring the Green ushers in the new season

Spring is slowly sneaking up on Michigan, so a group of Grand Valley State University students wanted to help Grand Rapids jump into spring this weekend.

Professional preening

Free food, free clothes, and free career advice — it’s not a dream, it’s Dress for Success.

Supermaket themed Pride Prom to donate canned goods to local food pantry

Usually canned food items, shelves and boxes are found in grocery stores and supermarkets. This Friday, they will be found in Grand Valley State University’s Pere Marquette Room as Out ‘N’ About holds a supermarket-themed dance.

GVSU gears up for Greek Week

This week, be prepared to see Pixar characters and Greek letters everywhere on campus: it’s Greek Week.

Language Day to feature 8 different languages

For students with expert skill in multiple languages and for those who have never spoken a foreign word in their life, the modern languages and literatures department at Grand Valley State University has created an event for students to recognize the value of language and culture.

Cultural events

Staying true to its name, Grand Valley State University’s Intercultural Festival will include many events having to do with all different cultures that are on campus. Throughout the week, there will be a number of different events from student organizations across campus that all aim to do one thing: display their culture and allow students to interact with them.

New fraternity builds GVSU chapter

Though there is a relatively small Greek life population at Grand Valley State University, it has seen steady growth over time, with more than four fraternities introduced to campus in the last 10 years.

Career Center hosts etiquette dinner for students

Figuring out which fork to use, how to butter a dinner roll or even whose hand to shake and when can be tricky skills to pick up on. For that reason, the Grand Valley State University Career Center is hosting an etiquette dinner Feb. 19 for all students to learn the ins-and-outs of etiquette for those important meals at conferences or business dinners.

Women's Center plans flash mob

If you’ve ever wanted the chance to be a part of a flash mob, your dream can become a reality. On Friday, Feb. 14, Grand Valley State University will host “West Michigan Rises” — an event about becoming aware of and overcoming domestic and sexual violence against women.

Rowers model for fundraiser

The men of Grand Valley State University’s varsity rowing team are taking off their shirts the second year in a row for their calendar fundraiser, which brings in money for them to travel to England once again in the summer of 2016. After first debuting the calendar last year, the team sold more than 400 copies and hopes to sell that and more this year.

Winter rush offers more relaxed Greek Atmosphere

If going Greek has always been in the back of your mind, now is the time to explore the opportunity. Winter recruitment takes place during the months of January and February and is a more relaxed, less hectic alternative to fall recruitment.