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Maddie Forshee

Recent articles

'What Now?' prompts critical thinking about trans inclusivity

In 2015, there have been 22 murders of transgender people in the U.S. This year has seen nearly double the amount of trans peoples’ lives lost than any other year that data has been collected. Michigan is home to two of those murders, both occurring in Detroit in July and August.

Saving the bees

Honeybees help to pollinate over one-third of the food that is produced in the U.S., but recently they have been facing many problems. That’s why the GVSU Beekeepers want to raise awareness and educate people about bees.

Crowning glory

Getting the chance to represent a university and it’s community is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for many students. Grand Valley State University’s Homecoming Regent is one of the few ways that students can elect each other to represent the values that make Lakers great.

Keeping Homer alive

Literature can be celebrated in many ways. While festivals are more common, Grand Valley State University is hosting a 24-hour long marathon reading to celebrate the work of Homer.

Raw Beauty Initiative focuses on social pressures

Women are constantly under pressure to be beautiful. Movies, magazines and television all feature nothing short of perfection, which leaves a lot of stress on women in their daily lives.One group of women is trying to bring the women of Grand Valley State University together to realize their true inner beauty through a new series of discussions called the Raw Beauty Initiative.

Rethinking Columbus Day

"In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue..." Many people know the story, but most don’t realize that that’s all it is - a story. Recently, there has been a push to end the celebration of Columbus Day as a national holiday.

Documentary sparks conversation about sexual assault

Recently, sexual assault has become a larger part of the national conversation, especially at universities.

Real-world careers focus of Marketing Night

Students learn so much in a classroom and can always join student clubs and organizations to broaden their horizons.

Where the money goes

At Grand Valley State University, it’s common to hear students complaining about things that the university does they say that they’re paying for -- a prime example is “watering the sidewalks.” Students want to know “where their money goes.”

Cultivating sustainability

What was once a community garden has cultivated itself into a project like no other at Grand Valley State University.

Campus Rec improves services for students

GVSU’s Campus Recreation department is a popular option for students to get fit and stay healthy during the school year.

Striving for sustainability

Sustainability is part of a conversation that is continually going on in the world and on the Grand Valley State University campus.

Seeking community on campus

The upcoming nonprofit and volunteer internship fair is designed to expose Grand Valley State University students to opportunities that can benefit them in their lives and careers. Students will have an opportunity to connect with various agencies in the greater Grand Rapids area.

New brewery brings flavor to Allendale

Many homes and businesses call Allendale home, but for the first time, a brewery has settled in.

Faster bus route gets development go-ahead

The time it takes to get from the Allendale Campus to the Pew Campus has been a point of frustration for many Grand Valley State University students in recent years. The Rapid has been trying to cut down that frustration with a new project, called the Laker Line.

Neon Trees brings big sound to small venue

Neon Trees performs at The Intersection June 24.

Lakers visit Cannes Film Festival

For many students, more learning happens outside the classroom than in it. For 14 Grand Valley State University students, that valuable real-world experience came to be at the Cannes Film Festival.

Alumni team to take part in River Bank Run

The Grand Valley State University Alumni Association works with GVSU alumni to engage in events in their local communities, whether it is through volunteer work or social events.

Year in Review: Top features #3

Since last year, there has been a new addition to off-campus apartment housing in Allendale. Grand Valley State University now has its very own Greek row.

Crafting for humanity

Stitchcraft has teamed up with another student organization, Packing Hope, to create plastic mats to donate to the homeless in Grand Rapids.