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Mary Mattingly

Recent articles

Back to basics

From the prominent Opera Theatre to the acclaimed Symphonic Wind Ensemble, the Performing Arts Center at Grand Valley State University seems to be synonymous with the concept of classical music. But with the changing nature of today’s music industry, how does this prepare music majors for the professional world?

Commencement ceremonies send off students in positive fashion

For the students who will be walking across the stage at this semester’s commencement ceremonies, all the hard work they put into their undergrad degree culminates in one piece of paper. But that simple document is a representation of the time and effort they have put in during their last few years at Grand Valley State University.

Spring Dance Concert shows off students' versatility

While the semester may be winding down, many students’ schedules are doing everything but. Students who well understand this phenomenon are Grand Valley State University’s dance majors.

Momentum gives back to the community through dance

While some dance concerts’ main function is only to spotlight performers’ talents, Momentum is also committed to proving that dance can be used to benefit the community.

Early Music Ensemble brings Baroque music to a modern audience

The concept of classical music is sometimes used as an umbrella term, encompassing all genres of orchestral music and more.

Local restaurants offer St. Patrick's-themed food and entertainment

Today, over 34.7 million Americans claim Irish ancestry, according to the 2010 U.S. census. There’s no better way for Grand Valley State University students to celebrate that heritage than to take advantage of all the events Grand Rapids has planned for today.

Weekend listings 3/13-3/15

Whether you’re ethnically Irish and proud, or have no idea what a Blarney Stone is, one thing is for sure- everyone is a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.

Concert offers alternative celebration to St. Patrick's Day indulgence

St. Patrick’s Day is typically a day that college students devote to guzzling green beer and proudly proclaiming any, if at all, Irish heritage. The Olde World Music Club of Grand Valley State University is offering an alternative for those who want to enjoy the day without taking part in traditional celebrations.

Michigan Psych Night puts the spotlight on psych rock

What is psych rock music? A tribute to the surf rock of the sixties? Or rather, has it become an umbrella term, encompassing everything that might once have been considered garage music? The upcoming Michigan Psych Night may help attendees decide for themselves.

Brad Fritcher trois makes Jammies debut

New talent rubbed elbows with some of Grand Rapids’ most recognized and celebrated groups at Friday night’s installment of WYCE’s Jammy Awards. Brad Fritcher trois, a jazz quartet made up of several students from Grand Valley State University, attended for the first time and in doing so only added to its growing reputation.

'Beyond Therapy' finds humor in the absurd

If you take psychological suffering in the right frame of mind, you can find the humor in it.

GVSU interns pull together to make GRFF happen

Internships. While some bemoan tasks that may seem like thankless, uncompensated work, others find internships that truly enrich their learning experience. The interns of the Grand Rapids Film Festival can attest to the latter.

Bryan Jackson takes homes first place in Last Laker Standing competition

On Saturday, the final round of Grand Valley State University’s Last Laker Standing competition, sponsored by Spotlight Productions, took place. The final installment of the stand-up comedy contest featured five finalists, selected by votes from audience members and a panel of judges in previous rounds. The finalists featured were René Rodriguez, Jarrett Weber, Luis Valencia, Bryan Jackson and Lawrence Ensminger.

Recital shows off virtuosic playing

On Tuesday, the Grand Valley State University String Trio made its debut at GVSU. Joined by clarinetist Arthur Campbell, the group showcased two pieces: one important to the clarinet, and the other educational for string players.

DAAC implements crowdfunding campaign

After its sudden eviction last July, some people may have thought that was the end of the Division Arts Avenue Collective.

Fisk Jubilee Singers honor King with music

While many events planned at Grand Valley State University on Monday were dedicated to honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through speeches and demonstrations, the Fisk Jubilee Singers choir was invited to celebrate the civil rights leader with music.

Trombone quartet proves it's possible to 'make it'

While being able to travel and play music with friends may only be a dream for some people, the members of the Maniacal 4 Trombone Quartet have made it reality.

Film series aims to broaden diversity

While Hollywood films often reach many corners of the world, not as many Americans can say they consistently seek out foreign language films. The Chiaroscuro International Film Series, which kicks off its eighth season on Jan. 12, aims to bring culture to Grand Rapids while encouraging audience members to seek culture, themselves.

GVSU student achieves education while taking advantage of opportunities

While some students spend college going through the motions to obtain the necessary degree to pursue their chosen career, others find ways to achieve a college education while still engaging their passions. Grand Valley State University student Alexa Kroonblawd is one of these individuals.

Event gives students a chance to meet 'actual Arabs'

People joined hands and clapped while the band fronted by singer Emad Batayeh led the celebration. The dabke, a traditional Arab line dance, was in full swing, and Grand Valley State University students rushed to join those already dancing at last week’s Arabian Night.