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Sarah Hillenbrand

Recent articles

GV partners with Chevrolet to reduce carbon emissions

Grand Valley State University emphasizes sustainability as part of the university’s mission and has aimed to further that goal by partnering with Chevrolet through the Campus Green Energy Campaign.

Housing capacity limits student options

Housing at Grand Valley State University faces greater challenges with a growing freshmen class, more students wanting to live on campus and limited campus housing.

GVSU students receive $163,000 from GRCF

For students preparing to attend or currently enrolled at a university, there are many scholarship opportunities available.

Achievement through empowerment

Women’s empowerment is a factor that can greatly affect a country’s culture, including its athletic success.

Taking control of your education

At Grand Valley State University, graduate programs are rapidly expanding and working out issues that come up. For students in the graduate program Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, issues have come up with students working toward completion of their thesis.

Informational Freedom

In August 2013, the Obama Administration announced that it would be putting together a list of colleges that ranks universities based on their value for their students’ dollar. The Student Press Law Center requested that the government consider how readily universities share information with the public as one of the measures.

University versus state

At Grand Valley State University, there is a strict no-weapon policy on campus. Though it is legal in Michigan to openly carry a firearm or have a permit for a concealed weapon, this is still not allowed for anyone on the university campus.

Students present at Google Summit

The Grand Valley State University Team Web is making leaps and bounds both for developing websites and teaching technology, as well as helping students on the team put their skills to use. Last month, students from the team presented at the 2014 EdTechTeam New England Summit in Boston, which also featured presentations by Google for Education.

Author to address immigration issues

Author Reyna Grande will be visiting Grand Valley State University next week to speak about her book, “The Distance Between Us,” and tell students her story of being an undocumented immigrant torn between two parents and two countries.

GVSU alum joins the Bachelor

With the New Year comes the beginning of many new television shows. One of the most popular is ABC’s “The Bachelor,” and this season, a Grand Valley State University alumna will be featured on the show.

Pioneering a legacy

James Moore, the first African American man to graduate from Grand Valley State University in 1967, came back to campus as a part of the “Pioneering Pathways for Students of Color” event put on by the Division of Inclusion and Equity.

Pioneering a legacy

James Moore, the first African American man to graduate from Grand Valley State University in 1967, came back to campus as a part of the “Pioneering Pathways for Students of Color” event put on by the Division of Inclusion and Equity.

FIRE issues GV worst student rights rating for bias incident protocol

Recent controversy at Grand Valley State University has brought to question free speech on campus and if administrators consider any topics off-limits for discussion.

Becoming a professional

The Grand Valley State University Career Center hosts many events throughout the year to help students prepare for life after graduation, including resume and cover letter workshops, networking events and other professional development activities.

Making a difference

Every other year, 50 women are chosen for the list of the most influential women in West Michigan. For the second time in a row, Shelley Irwin was named to that list. Irwin is the host and producer of the WGVU Morning Show, WGVU TV Ask the Expert, Community Connection and Family Health Matters. “It’s very exciting that I’m surrounded by 49 other strong and influential women,” Irwin said.

Mayor kicks off Wheelhouse Talks

Grand Valley State University’s Hauenstein Center kicked off its 2014 Wheelhouse Talks with George Heartwell, mayor of Grand Rapids, as the first speaker. On Wednesday, he spoke about the changing approach to leadership and sustainability in the community.

Hauenstein donates $1 million to GVSU center

Grand Valley State University receives much of its financial support from outside donors, and one of them issued a large donation to the school this week.

The final lesson

On Saturday, Grand Valley State University graduating seniors finally experienced the moment they’d been working toward over the past four or more years. Around 1,000 graduates attended the commencement ceremony, with many friends and family members filling the rest of VanAndel Arena.

Commencement approaches

As the semester comes to an end, many graduating seniors are preparing for their long-anticipated walk across the stage to receive their diploma from President Thomas Haas during the commencement ceremony.

Pendulum reinstallation plans finalized

At Grand Valley State University, the pendulum has become a tradition for students and a fiasco for faculty and staff. After the removal of the artwork, many students wanted to know if and when it would be coming back to campus. Last week, the pendulum committee met to discuss the final details on the reinstallation, which is expected to be completed by Dec. 7.