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Shelby Pendowski

Recent articles

Behind the curtain

Behind the rows of seats, past the thick velvet curtains and over the worn-in wood floor of the Grand Valley State University Louis Armstrong Theatre is the scene shop. It is in this workshop that eight pairs of hands construct the sets of four main stage productions, one opera and a number of student productions.

Ladies Love Politics event encourages women to get involved politically

There are 435 members in the House of Representatives, of which only 79 are females.

In light of these statistics and the continual fight for equal gender rights, the Bachelor of Social Work Student Organization (BSWSO) at Grand Valley State University decided to organize the event Ladies Love Politics.

Back in Blue

In the early morning hours on Oct. 9, the Spotlight Productions crew at Grand Valley State University began preparing for the arrival of the Wayans brothers, Marlon and Shawn. The students under the direction of Spotlight president Amy Hallochak set up seating for 3,200 people, transformed the GVSU Fieldhouse Arena with a stage and prepared organic chicken at the request of the comedians.

GV to hold Holocaust conference

Forty years ago, members of the history department at Grand Valley State University came together to create the Great Lakes History Conference. Each year the conference highlights different global issues and addresses them through various presentations and speakers.

Slowing down with a bit of poetry

The season of midterms at Grand Valley State University began lurking this week. Although this mile marker doesn’t seem to have students bound to their books like finals week, it still can induce students with a high level of stress. Each year, GVSU hosts the Fall Arts Celebration to promote different art forms, and organizers of the poetry-themed presentation hope it relieves some students’ stress.

Taking to the stage

It is that time of year again, when Grand Rapids becomes a citywide gallery attracting thousands of people. ArtPrize 2014 began last week and already many have flocked to see the array of paintings, drawings, sculptures and variety of other mediums. However, many do not know that this international art competition also includes the performing arts.

Saddle up for the GVSU production of “The Comedy of Errors”

The twang of the Wild West meets the Elizabethan writing style of William Shakespeare in the Grand Valley State University production of 'The Comedy of Errors.' As audience members take their seats for one of the 10 performances, they will not see traditional Shakespearean garb upon the stage, but instead they will witness the fashion and scenery of the Wild West.

University welcomes latest Stuart and Barbara Padnos Distinguished Artist-in-Residence

Last year, Grand Valley State University posted an advertisement searching for a talented artist to become the next Artist-in-Residence. Following a handful of interviews and a campus tour, Nayda Collazo-Llorens was hired as Stuart and Barbara Padnos Distinguished Artist-in-Residence. Collazo-Llorens dabbles in all art mediums and has extensive experience in the art field.

GR mayor declares 2015 the 'year of interfaith service'

When Grand Valley State University junior Mohib Azeem migrated from Pakistan to the U.S. over two years ago, he carried his Islamic faith and a wary view of other religions with him. Today, as the president of the GVSU Muslim Student Association, he still holds his faith close, but, he has also acquired the mission to spread religious tolerance.

From coloring books to ArtPrize

For each family vacation, Sean Hamilton's mom would load up on a vast amount of crayons and coloring books to allow for Hamilton's creativity to disembark on its own adventure. At five years old, coloring was a form of entertainment for Hamilton.

Experience through production

Twenty years ago a Grand Valley State University professor by the name of Barbara Roos constructed a new type of learning environment by creating the Summer Film Project. The program is a hands-on practicum for students to work one on one with professors and actors while learning about the film industry. “It is a great way to bring in professionals and it is a chance for students to learn from professionals,” said Brian Gotberg, student crew leader.

Grand Rapids' solar-powered nightlife

One of Grand Rapids' many music venues, The Pyramid Scheme, joined the green initiative by installing rooftop solar panels to power their facility. “We always planned on trying to take a big step on decreasing our carbon foot print,” said Carolyn Schaut, office manager of The Pyramid Scheme and The Meanwhile, a popular watering hole in Grand Rapid’s East Town.

A comical start to the semester

With the ability to talk too much, to crack a joke and because she had no other talents, Jen Kober concurred that making people laugh as a comedian was the perfect profession. “I was always that kid in class that talked too much,” Kober said.

OMG Music Festival to hit Grand Rapids

Since the creation of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, more and more musicians have sparked their own big breaks by uploading videos and recordings of themselves. The OMG Music Festival is a festival that highlights some musicians that began their career through these means.

Jazzing down our carbon footprint

The DTE Energy Foundation after years of supporting Michigan festivals has expanded its reach into Grand Rapids by sponsoring the GRandJazzFest this year.

A musical summer in the mitten state

Each year Michigan is home to a variety of music festivals featuring artists from all genres on the musical spectrum.

Collaboration over competition: Local bands gather to spread new music

Breaking into the music industry takes hard work and determination to face fierce competition. Although there tends to be a contention amongst musicians, local Grand Rapids bands The Dockside Fever and West & Run have found that collaboration is key to success.

Art Buddies program creates hands-on teaching experience for art education majors

According to the National Center of Learning Disabilities, students with learning disabilities retain information better by incorporating the arts with academics.

Concert shows that GVSU is a little bit country

“Are there any country music fans in the house tonight?” An eruption of ear-piercing screams from Grand Valley State University students, community members and B-93.7 listeners answered the question posed by country musician Sam Hunt. Yes, there were country music fans in the GVSU Fieldhouse.

Spotlight Productions ushers in summer with Spring Concert

As the frigid wind chills have faded to a brisk breeze, the thoughts of warm summer days emerge in the minds of Grand Valley State University students each time the sun makes an appearance.