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Lakers thwart attempted robbery

Daniel Montgomery. GVL/Kevin Sielaff

Lakers thwart attempted robbery

An attempted robbery was stopped when two Grand Valley State University students intervened at a Traverse City Meijer on Jan. 18.

Latest News

Capoeira introduces Brazilian roots to GV

From the 16th century to modern day, Capoeira has existed as an art form derived from African slaves in Brazil and has persevered through slavery and outlaw, evolving into a martial art that combines dance, acrobatics and music.

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Coping with change

Larry James, who has worked in the records office at GVSU for the last year and a half, served as an active duty soldier in the Army for nine years before making his way to GVSU.

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GVSU track team adds talented transfer

At the Mike Lints Alumni Open on Jan. 16, the Grand Valley State women’s track and field team revealed its secret weapon, and her name is Amy Cymerman.

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Photos of the Week


Women's Center hosts events on women, civil rights

GVSU students and faculty came together to discuss the role of women and other minority groups in the Civil Rights Movement as part of the Women’s Center monthly “Talk Back Tuesday” discussions.

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Column: How to watch Sunday's game at GV

Super Bowl Sunday, like Denny's, is an American institution, and is revered as a national holiday even though the bureaucrats haven't gotten around to making it official yet (THANKS, OBAMA!). It's not just for living, burping beer-guzzling Homer Simpsons ...

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Student Life

Desire for diversity

Attracting College Graduates to Grand Rapids: A Student-Driven Model, called PA 380, is a special topics course taught by Grand Valley State University professor Mark Hoffman. It focuses on developing recommendations for helping Grand Rapids thrive ...

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At Grand Valley State University, finding a printer is often no easy task for students.

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