Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to the Grand Valley Student Senate,

| 11/28/12 5:07pm

Recently it has come to our attention that the annual event of “Battle of the Valleys” concluded last week with a final fundraising total of $1,100 raised for the Mental Health Foundation of West Michigan by GVSU, and $30,000 by SVSU for Great Lakes Bay Miracle League.

It is after deliberative thought that we have decided to address this issue in a public way in order to express our collective disappointment. For some, the disappointment exists based on seeing a program that they created slip into near oblivion.

For some, the disappointment exists because the representative governing body of the University could not summon the support of the student population to work collectively for something larger than themselves. For some, the disappointment exists from a seemingly lack of school spirit displayed by the University. For some, the disappointment exists because of a failure to reach out to those who would be interested in helping. But for all, the disappointment is on behalf of a charity that our alma mater committed to helping with little results to show for it.

The tradition of the “Battle of the Valleys” is not an old tradition—but it is a beloved tradition. Countless charities have been helped; students, faculty, and staff were encouraged to work towards a collective goal; and, alumni were encouraged to keep ties to their University. While we do not seek to place blame nor dishonor the contributions that were raised, we do write in the hopes that being out-fundraised by an almost 30:1 margin serves as a teachable moment that will result in a different course of action in the coming years.

Sincerely and Willing to Help,

Erica L. Bush, ‘12
Natalie M. Bush, ‘10
Erin (Jancek) Diaz, ‘07
Erin Meteer Hendges, ‘06
Jamie Greene Kaniarz, ‘07
Jim E. King, ‘06
Josh Hilbrand, ‘09
Allison Hamilton, ‘05, co-chair of the first BOTV
Simonne Yet Kwong Horman, ‘11
Michelle R. Horvath, ‘06
Michelle Johnson, ‘09
Jonathan Osborn, ‘05
Allison Reynolds, ‘06
Branden Stewart, ‘10
Charlie Terrell, ‘09
Rachael Voorhees, ‘04. Founder, Battle of the Valleys
Joy M. Whitt ‘09
Katherine (Cross) Wierenga, ‘10

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