Forecast: snowing with a chance of pizza

Bad weather increases sales says employee

By Peter Chhum | 1/19/14 7:15pm

While Papa John’s is already one of the more popular pizza restaurants for Grand Valley State University students due to its on-campus location, on days of extreme weather, the demand for pizza is amplified.

Student Manager Evan Wood has delivered pizzas all year round and said the extreme weather never fails in helping out business.

“It comes two fold,” he said. “We sell more pizzas, delivery wise, obviously because no one wants to leave their homes and so we sell less carryout orders. Whether its snow in the winter or rain in the summer, bad weather always increases our sales.”

While the orders increase, the combination of demand and weather causes the delivery process to slow down.

“During those snow days, everybody was required to work,” Wood said. “The weather slows delivery down so we’ll quote a longer time. When it’s snowing and really busy, it can turn to one hour to an hour fifteen so that it gives us more time to make quality pizzas and ensure the customer is happy with the time quoted.”

One of the many reasons why delivery is a popular option for students is the convenience. Having a pizza delivered negates the need for anyone to drive or walk, unless it’s to the door.

With extreme weather conditions, the convenience is what encourages sophomore Holly Miller to place her order.

“The convenience of delivery helps me out because I don’t drive,” Miller said. “Delivery lets them come to me without having to go to them.”

While the delivery drivers make it easier on Miller, she does not forget to take into account the conditions the drivers are going out in and empathizes with what they have to go through.

“If it’s snowing and its really bad out, you have to be careful when you’re on the roads,” she said. “You have to think of the drivers that are working. They’re doing a lot to help you and you have to respect that. They’re taking their time and energy risking their lives, especially when it’s a blizzard out.”

While driving to the destination is tough, the struggle is not quite over when they get there. The slippery roads and blurred vision make the trips a lot longer, but Papa John’s driver Ryan Tatroe said locating the actual addresses is just as bad as getting there.

“During those snow days, it’s really hard to park your car on the street and really hard to find the right house with all of the snow coming down,” Tatroe said. “Luckily we kept delivery to just around campus.”

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