Student Senator reflects on Campus Affairs Committee achievements

By Tim Layer | 2/26/14 8:35pm

The Campus Affairs Committee of the Student Senate has been very busy this year with many different projects around campus. To highlight a few we have been working hard on: helping with construction rerouting, expanding WI-FI in first year housing, serving on the rec-center expanding committee and pendulum committee. Other projects include working on better accessibility for students with disabilities, working on parking expansion, and as projects are proposed the list continues to grow.

Vice President Tim Layer has been working on a survey concerning smoking around campus. Everyone please take the survey at the following link before Friday, February 28, 2014 ( Vice President Layer is helping the Disability Support Resources department and Student Environmental Coalition on special projects. He is also working on events with ExtravaGrandza this coming April.

To add to Grand Valley’s sustainability, Senator Eric Cousins, has been working on adding compost bins to the downtown campus and at the end of freshman year move out. Senator Calvin Snedeker has been working on a consistent plowing pattern down 48th and Pierce Street. This helps keep the roads safe to travel. Senator Danielle Pickett just finished housing TV guides and is working on adding a chapter of the Food Recovery Network to Grand Valley for leftover food from Campus Dining.

Planning for the future, Senator Sean O’Melia is working on portable charging stations. These are stations for charging electronics and will be placed in higher traffic areas. Also there may be a possibility to place an organization or business logo on the side of the station. Senator Jewel Haji is working on a cohesive app program for students that could include events, grades, campus dining, reservations, and other areas. She is also working on a coin machine in Kirkhof. Senator Sydney Tyus has been working on adding washers and dryers to first year housing. She has also been a strong advocate for printers in Kirkhof.

Campus Affairs Committee hopes to continue their strong presence in the community and hopes to make a difference through many different projects and initiatives. We welcome everyone to come to the General Assembly Meetings at 4:30 on Thursdays in Pere Marquette Room of Kirkhof. Tweet at #LakersforLayer with any campus issues or more information.

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