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GV takes on Beehive Building Day

Published April 15, 2012

Grand Valley State Universitys Meijer Campus in Holland hosted Beehive Building Day on Saturday to teach visitors why bees are so important in shaping society.

Sustainability experts speak out against food waste at GV

Published April 15, 2012

As more and more fruit is flung onto the roof of Weed Living Centers and onto various art structures near Fresh Food Company Sustainability and Campus Dining personnel at Grand Valley State University are starting to hit the roof over the amount of food that is wasted.

55 to graduate in GV's first DNP program

Published April 8, 2012

Passions will turn into practices when Grand Valley State University8217s first students graduate from the Doctor of Nursing Practice program this spring.

Archeology, anthropology students span time, globe in pursuit of knowledge

Published April 1, 2012

Whether trying to uncover an elaborate resort hotel in Michigan that burned down in the late 19th Century digging up human skulls from the Trypilian culture in the Ukraine or living in eco-villages in New Zealand students majoring in archeology and anthropology are going to be busy this summer.

KCON changes admissions, requires interviews

Published March 25, 2012

Grand Valley State University8217s Kirkhof College of Nursing will change its admissions process in the fall of 2012 to be more accommodating to the almost 200 students who apply to the program each semester.

Professionals learn assertiveness in GV's Excellence Series

Published March 21, 2012

The Human Resources Department at Grand Valley State University hosted a presentation on assertive communication which was put on as part of the Excellence Series and Journey to Professional Excellence according to GVSU8217s Human Resources website.

Published March 21, 2012

GVL Liz GarlickAssertive Training Presentation

Chem department works to limit waste

Published March 14, 2012

8220The chemistry department takes great care for the environment and our budget8221 said Michelle DeWitt lab supervisor. 8220Contrary to public opinion chemistry professionals care about the environment and thus are always looking for ways to improve the way we teach our experiments and run our labs. We love to experiment with new methods and technologies.8221

GV assesses advising resources

Published March 11, 2012

The Provost8217s Office at Grand Valley State University has conducted a 8220University Wide Academic Assessment8221 on undergraduate advising services based on the feedback from students faculty staff and administrators. As a result colleges involved are already discussing changes they could make to improve students8217 advising experience.

Veterans Benefit Auction Raised Funds, Not Enough Awareness

Published February 29, 2012

The SVO raised 424 in its first-ever fundraiser 252.40 went to the SVO and 169.60 went to the Wounded Warrior Project a group is that closely tied to the student organization.

Three hours, no credit

Published February 26, 2012

All students at Grand Valley State University must take a science course with a lab at some point in their college careers but ost if not all of those lab courses are offered for very little credit at the university.

Published February 22, 2012

GVL Liz GarlickStudents participate in the Dumpster Dive

SVO hosts first 'Date a Veteran' auction

Published February 22, 2012

The Student Veterans Organization at Grand Valley State University will host its first fundraiser at its 8220Date a Veteran Auction8221 tomorrow at 7 p.m. at the Main Street Pub.

SEC hosts 'dumpster dive' to raise awareness of over-consumption, waste on campus

Published February 22, 2012

Last Monday SEC members lead a 8220dumpster dive8221 event diving into the dumpster outside of the Commons near Fresh Food Company in an effort to raise awareness about over-consumption and wasteful habits.

Ash Wednesday begins 40 days of fasting

Published February 19, 2012

Under the stress of rigorous courses relationship maintenance and the dynamic college lifestyle many students find comfort in a pint of Ben and Jerry8217s and a bag of Lay8217s potato chips.

Students opt for tickets over long walk from lots

Published February 15, 2012

Bob Brown assistant director of Facilities Planning said there are 2909 total spaces available for commuters and 3116 spaces for residents on campus.

GV professor a local, national superhero

Published February 15, 2012

Everyone dreams of being a superhero. Grand Valley State University professor Jonathan White made it happen.White has fought terrorism demons and ignorance all in the latter half of his life working as a history criminal justice and honors professor partner of local and national crime-fighting organizations and preacher.

Students battling fatigue, apathy during long semesters

Published February 8, 2012

For college students across the globe the stresses of higher education can be a heavy burden to bear. For many students stress that creeps up and culminates around mid-semester can cause fatigue apathy and even cause a student to give up on higher education completely.

GV cadaver collection enables hands-on learning

Published February 1, 2012

For most the thought of mingling with the deceased is the stuff of nightmares but for many students in medical or health-related graduate programs at Grand Valley State University cadaver labs are part of everyday studies.

Annual Leadership Summit planned for February

Published January 29, 2012

Grand Valley State University8217s 15th annual Leadership Summit will host college students from across the state to participate in leadership workshops and receive pointers from a motivational speaker.