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Having the hots for your professor isn’t such a bad thing

(09/05/12 4:36pm)

Every semester, I have class with a professor (or two) that I find attractive. It makes sense that students have crushes on their professors: the professors have a position of power in relation to us lowly students, they are usually well-learned, and they must have some level of charisma to keep us off of our smart phones during lecture. Regardless of the reason, I would like to make the case that having the hots for your professor is not such an awful thing.

Presidential elections: The newest team sport

(09/23/12 1:57pm)

You can run, but you can’t hide...from the presidential election, that is. The campaign game is in every newspaper, on every television channel, and posted on all the blogs these days. This is the first year I can legally vote and, to be honest, I am not all that thrilled with the responsibility. I don’t know when politics turned into a team sport in this country, but we keep cheering for Team Donkey or Team Elephant like they are facing off on Super Bowl Sunday.

Pop music ate our souls, let’s get them back

(10/17/12 5:23pm)

Pop music is like junk food. It’s over-processed, sometimes sugary and not always easy to quit. Most of us indulge in it, whether you happen to be a glitter-drenched Ke$ha enthusiast or someone who hummed “Call Me Maybe” one time while you were waiting for the bus. I myself have a weak spot for Taylor Swift and the Backstreet Boys. Call them my guilty pleasures.

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