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Fads aren't always so rad

Published May 20, 2013

So you want to get into shape get healthy again feel confident8212 and are looking for the best route to take.

This is the time of our lives

Published May 17, 2013

I dont think you ever quite forget those words. The phone call telling you your dad is having a massive heart attack.

Beat exhaustion with balance of perspective

Published May 14, 2013

I never used to understand the definition of tired. Last week I learned it and will never forget it.

Make up or break up

Published May 10, 2013

So there you are standing inside your favorite drug store because thats the make up most college students can afford and youre browsing between what you know and love and what is on sale.

And runnin', runnin'

Published May 6, 2013

Treadmills are really great for our Michigan winters and staying shape. Now that is has finally spring into spring full gear I want to share some thoughts on why running outside is way more beneficial than being stuck inside the gym on a treadmill.

Apps that keep you on your summer track

Published April 29, 2013

So after moving back home and getting into the summer grindno such thing as a full on break for this college student I have found some smart phone apps that have kept my eating and exercise right on track.

Dove hits home with beauty

Published April 24, 2013

Whooo Most of us are on summer vacation finally and it feels so good On that note I want to write about the awesome Dove Campaign circling our Facebook and essentially every social media vehicle.

Twisting your way to reach your goal

Published April 22, 2013

So I had my follow up visit for the U-Fit program and I was super happy and shocked. I was happy because I really stuck with the regimen Chad my trainer suggested.

Summer sunshine

Published April 15, 2013

As it gets closer to summer I think a discussion about sun safety needs to be had. While I hope not to offend anyone in this article I think these words need to be said.

Stay active on campus until the end!

Published April 10, 2013

You know what they say April showers bring May flowers My professors have been giving us as much encouragement as possible to keep coming to the last few days of classes.

Be RAD and protect yourself

Published April 8, 2013

Have you ever been walking alone in an area youre unfamiliar with And because youre alone it seems only 1000x sketchier and you hear loud noises and see a bunch of people who seem to be up to no good

Spring welcomes local farm markets

Published April 3, 2013

We can start to appreciate spring now that the temperatures are slowly creeping up and the sunshine is peaking out.

Pushing limits to find your balance

Published April 1, 2013

So I know I have been weak in the recipe section and I promise to improve on it this next week. I have been crazy busy and have been making my boyfriend cook the meals.

What you're really losing

Published March 27, 2013

Heyo everyone Happy Wednesday-only four weeks of school left-its almost summer For one of my classes we have to present on a widely used sector of drugs.

There's no room for bullies in our schools

Published March 25, 2013

Im originally from the east side of the state. It is almost a different world which is crazy to think of and realize.

Funky Buddha has my heart pumping

Published March 20, 2013

So this past weekend I used part of my Groupon for the hot yoga session. As I have said before I am not yogas biggest fan.

Be proud of the balance you have accomplished this far

Published March 18, 2013

We keep getting closereven though its a plain old Monday. This weekend I met with the girl I mentor and we had a startling conversation that I am compelled to share with you.

The power to protect yourself

Published March 10, 2013

Welcome back from spring break everyone. We are now back on the grind and we only have six weeks left.

Tips for staying safe at home and away over Spring Break

Published February 24, 2013

It is finally the week before spring break. No more than five days of classes. Four more wake ups. We did it.