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GV student explores ‘The Dirty City’

Published March 10, 2013

Grand Valley State University freshman John Vander Velde took eight months between graduating from Fowlerville High School in 2011 to visit the city of Zarqua in Jordan.

Black History Month wraps up with Underground Railroad lecture

Published February 24, 2013

On Feb. 27 Grand Valley State University Associate Professor Veta Tucker will present on Freedom Slavery and the Underground Railroad in Michigan from 430-6 p.m.

Patrick Miles Jr. comes to GVSU

Published February 17, 2013

Black History Month celebrations continue Feb. 19 at Grand Valley State University with a visit from U.S Western Michigan District Attorney Patrick Miles Jr. who will address what it means to be an effective leader as well as active in the service community.With goals to expand education improve neighborhoods and the quality of life and increase the number of healthy families in the area Miles has practiced leadership with several local foundations for nearly 20 years.

Media’s Portrayal of the Asian Culture

Published February 13, 2013

Christine Vo vice president of the Multicultural Greek Council offered insight at Tuesdays Asian Pacific American Heritage Month event about the restrictive media portrayals of Asians in America and the many avenues that are left to be fulfilled by Asian actors and actresses.

Keeping the faith in college

Published February 10, 2013

According to a study done by the Social Science Research Council 64 percent of people enrolled in a four-year college institution reported a decline in religious service attendance.Professor Sheldon Kopperl of Grand Valley State Universitys religious studies department said these numbers are not necessarily surprising.Sometimes a student rebels especially if they were raised in a very strict home and they want to explore different faiths Kopperl said.But students often trace back to some form of religion because of the established framework and worth that it often provides said sociology professor George Lundskow.What is most important to everyone is that they have to have a meaningful object of devotion of some kind Lundskow said.

Coffee drinkers get health boost

Published February 6, 2013

Cold lake-effect weather goes hand in hand with hot coffee at Grand Valley State Universitys Java City.

Black History Month brings speakers, events to GV

Published January 30, 2013

As February draws near so does the well-regarded celebration known as Black History Month. Black History Month recognizes the achievements made by black Americans and its also a time for distinguishing the central role of African Americans in U.S. history. As Grand Valley State University holds this month tribute the Allendale Campus will be hosting a wide spread of events Feb. 5-28.

Majora Carter inspires hope, possibility

Published January 27, 2013

About 200 members of the Grand Valley State University community listened Thursday as urban revitalizationist Majora Carter shared her story of growing up and why she developed a passion for a historically red-lined area.The Burning Bronx which was sort of infamous in my childhood symbolized the arson that ran rapid in the South Bronx Carter said.

Majora Carter to speak at GV

Published January 23, 2013

Whether its re-inventing what the payphone means to New York City or turning the South Bronx area into a green space Majora Carter has a driving passion to make a difference in the area that she once hated.

Judge Glenda Hatchett to address GV students

Published January 20, 2013

100 Best and Brightest Women in Corporate America according to Ebony Magazine is only one of the titles used to describe Judge Glenda Hatchett.

African Student Council brings artist group to campus

Published January 16, 2013

Spoken word artists are artists that experiment and collaborate with words music and poetry. They are artists that use emotion and vibrant rhythm to convey a message.

GVSU staff promote healthy living

Published January 13, 2013

Weve heard it our whole lives. If you dont wash your hands youre gonna get sick But is this really our only defense to keep healthy during the winter months

Realizing the dream

Published January 9, 2013

For the first time in the universitys history Grand Valley State University will cancel all classes held on Martin Luther King Day to promote participation in Kings plan for peace and justice.Dwight Hamilton assistant vice president for affirmative action at GVSU said that in previous years when the holiday was observed a majority of the students were unable to attend the multiple events hosted by the university due to class being in session.

GVSU staff member mentors men, teaches to stand against violence

Published December 9, 2012

Rough and tough. Built with muscles that can withstand anything. A real man is someone who is ultra-macho super cool and extremely violent.

New policy aims for religious inclusion

Published December 5, 2012

At Grand Valley State University the adjustment from fall to winter semester isnt the only anticipated change.

Students struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder during winter months

Published November 28, 2012

During the winter months Grand Valley State University students may become more susceptible to develop a form of depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Away from home for the holidays

Published November 18, 2012

Grand Valley State University will lay undisturbed Thursday as many students head home for the Thanksgiving holiday. As a tactic to rejuvenate the mind before coming back to campus and starting preparation for finals most students strive to get away visit family and hometown friends eat home-cooked food and leave campus.

A time for peace

Published November 14, 2012

Islam which comes from an Arabic root word meaning peace and submission teaches that one can only find peace in life by submitting to God Allah in heart soul and deed.

Common college illnesses and prevention methods

Published November 11, 2012

Chances are with cold season just around the corner you might find yourself attempting to dispel the most unpleasant symptoms.

Maintaining balance

Published November 7, 2012

Heather Winia wakes up at 622 a.m. because 22 is her lucky number. She wears something different each day 8211 whatever makes her feel good on that particular day. She is a mother to four girls and takes this responsibility very seriously. Her success story is her own.