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GVSU students get free football playoff tickets

Published December 4, 2013

Unlike the first playoff game against Saginaw Valley State University students at Grand Valley State University looking to attend the Laker football game on Saturday will be able to go for free.

Following the paper trail

Published December 1, 2013

If the amount of paper used during one academic year at Grand Valley State University could be stacked into a single pillar it would be 133 times taller than the Cook Carillon Tower on GVSUs Allendale Campus.

Rapid change may be in the future

Published November 24, 2013

With more than 1.4 million people using route 50 last year The Rapid hosted a day of open house meetings on Thursday to gather public opinion on how to improve the bus system.

BOTV: where the losers are still winners

Published November 20, 2013

Battle of the Valleys is over and after counting up all the donated money Grand Valley State University fell short once again to Saginaw Valley State University bumping its losing streak up to six years running.

Employee names removed from salary list

Published October 20, 2013

In an attempt to make information more accessible and public universities more transparent a law that was passed last year required Grand Valley State University along with all other state-funded institutions to disclose specific information regarding university operations through a link on its website.

Developmental courses under review

Published October 16, 2013

As enrollment in some of Grand Valley State Universitys developmental courses has increased slightly over the past few years so has the conversation around how effective those courses really are at getting students up to speed.

Student Senate resolution moves to UAS

Published October 13, 2013

The Executive Committee of the Senate voted to send a Student Senate resolution which asks for more student seats on university committees to the University Academic Senate for more discussion and a possible vote at its meeting Friday.

Battle of the Valleys gears up with preview night

Published October 9, 2013

For over a decade now Grand Valley State University has competed with Saginaw Valley State University in the Battle of the Valleys to raise donations for a chosen charity.

ECS talks definition of faculty service hours

Published October 6, 2013

In preparation for an upcoming faculty forum the Executive Committee of the Senate discussed Friday the faculty responsibility of service its varied definitions across campus departments and the role it plays in Grand Valley State Universitys mission of being a teaching-first school.

Not just for kids

Published October 2, 2013

Arcade games made out of cardboard created by students at Grand Valley State University will be set up on campus as part of the Global Cardboard Challenge to raise money for the Imagination Foundation on Oct. 4.

At first glance

Published September 29, 2013

No doubt many Grand Valley State University students have heard or uttered the phrase T. Haas before. When Thomas J. Haas GVSUs president first heard the nickname years ago he said it was humbling and that it shows a connection among the university community.

Making ends meet

Published September 25, 2013

As the U.S. Government attempts to pay off its 16.7 trillion deficit discussions have turned to revising the Federal Pell Grant Program which is aimed at helping the nations neediest individuals pay for college.

Body found at GVSU's Pew Campus

Published September 23, 2013

The body of a man was found on Grand Valley State Universitys Pew Campus early this morning. Phu Quoc Thieu Tran 38 died of natural causes said Lt.

Cancer community to kick off support network at GVSU

Published September 22, 2013

In 2013 about 580350 Americans are projected to die of cancer according to the American Cancer Society. Thats more than double the 2012 population of Ottawa County.

GVSU welcomes first student ICMA chapter in state

Published September 18, 2013

The first student chapter of the International CityCounty Management Association in Michigan held its opening event on Sept. 16 that provided Grand Valley State University students an opportunity to network with city and county government administrators.

A day in the life of T. Haas

Published September 15, 2013

Around 815 a.m. tables on the back deck of an East Grand Rapids home were covered with burgundy tablecloths nice plates and silverware. There was enough seating for about 60 guests and a dozen or so people were scurrying about completing any final cleaning and setup before the commencement of the event which was a brunch to honor Emeriti professorsfaculty who have retired but retained their rank or title.

Teaching Teachers

Published September 11, 2013

Most professions have continuing education requirements that individuals must complete every few years to stay on top of changes in their fields or to keep their certifications.

Educating the Educators

Published September 11, 2013

Most professions have continuing education requirements that individuals must complete every few years to stay on top of changes in their fields or to keep their certifications.

Little Mac Bridge closed for repairs

Published September 8, 2013

The Little Mac Bridge on Grand Valley State Universitys Allendale Campus closed at noon Sept. 6 for maintenance and will remain closed for an unknown duration.

Brace yourselves: flu season is approaching

Published September 8, 2013

Its getting near that time of the year again when students come to class sneezing coughing and wheezingor dont come to class at all because theyre too sick to get out of bed.