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GVSU students receive $163,000 from GRCF

Published July 4, 2014

For students preparing to attend or currently enrolled at a university there are many scholarship opportunities available.

Achievement through empowerment

Published May 30, 2014

Womens empowerment is a factor that can greatly affect a countrys culture including its athletic success.

Students present at Google Summit

Published April 2, 2014

The Grand Valley State University Team Web is making leaps and bounds both for developing websites and teaching technology as well as helping students on the team put their skills to use. Last month students from the team presented at the 2014 EdTechTeam New England Summit in Boston which also featured presentations by Google for Education.

Author to address immigration issues

Published March 19, 2014

Author Reyna Grande will be visiting Grand Valley State University next week to speak about her book The Distance Between Us and tell students her story of being an undocumented immigrant torn between two parents and two countries.

GVSU alum joins the Bachelor

Published February 9, 2014

With the New Year comes the beginning of many new television shows. One of the most popular is ABCs 8220The Bachelor8221 and this season a Grand Valley State University alumna will be featured on the show.

Pioneering a legacy

Published February 5, 2014

James Moore the first African American man to graduate from Grand Valley State University in 1967 came back to campus as a part of the Pioneering Pathways for Students of Color event put on by the Division of Inclusion and Equity.

Pioneering a legacy

Published February 5, 2014

James Moore the first African American man to graduate from Grand Valley State University in 1967 came back to campus as a part of the Pioneering Pathways for Students of Color event put on by the Division of Inclusion and Equity.

Toast to the future

Published November 20, 2013

In several weeks seniors graduating at the end of the Fall 2013 semester will receive their diplomas and bid Grand Valley State University adieu. A group of these seniors gathered Monday to take a moment to remember their time at GVSU and toast with President Thomas Haas in celebration of completing their education.

Take a fall breather

Published November 17, 2013

Several weeks ago the Grand Valley State University Academic Senate voted down Student Senates resolution to add a fall break to the university calendar.

Celebrating a legacy

Published October 30, 2013

Grand Valley State University has many faculty and staff who have worked for the university for many years. For the first time in GVSU history several staff members will be recognized for 45 years of service.

Testing abilities

Published October 27, 2013

Grand Valley State University varsity athletes are gearing up to face the rest of the student body in showing their skills. The Pros vs. Joes Fundraiser will challenge students to try to beat athletes from most varsity teams to raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Supply and demand

Published October 23, 2013

Allendale Township has several new and soon-to-come businesses to appeal to the Grand Valley State University community. With these and other projects being planned and constructed students will have increased options to choose from near campus for goods services and entertainment.

Best of friends

Published October 20, 2013

At Grand Valley State University Disability Support Resources is aiding students with mental disabilities in a unique way with the Campus Links program.

Scraping by

Published October 16, 2013

At Grand Valley State University students around campus struggle to pay for their college tuition books housing and other expenses. The Womens Center helps to alleviate that need with the Student Food Pantry.

Required service reaps rewards

Published October 9, 2013

At Grand Valley State University many campus clubs are active in the community and on campus with volunteering and service activities. Some organizations stipulate that their members participate in a required number of service hours while others dont have this requirement.

Gaining a global view with internationalizing

Published October 6, 2013

The Grand Valley State University Internationalization Task Force found through a survey that most students do not interact with international students on campus and have not traveled abroad for more than leisure activity but they do value international exposure through foreign language acquisition.

Pendulum to return

Published October 2, 2013

Grand Valley State Universitys infamous pendulum has recently garnered unprecedented national notoriety and earlier this week a committee to make decisions about the pendulums reinstallation met for the first time.

Back on track

Published September 25, 2013

With the many extracurricular and social activities college has to offer prioritizing coursework can be a challenge. To encourage students to put academics first Grand Valley State University employs a minimum GPA requirement as well as academic probation and jeopardy of dismissal for those who do not meet the minimum standard.

Passion over pay

Published September 22, 2013

In a recent article by 247 Wall St. a number of jobs were listed as underpaid when considering the high levels of education required for the position. However while some of these jobs often receive lower pay some Grand Valley State University faculty members disagreed and said some occupations listed can in fact be highly compensated.

It went out like a wrecking ball

Published September 18, 2013

Following the removal of Grand Valley State Universitys pendulum ball outside of Henry Hall students engaged in protests both at the former site of the ball as well as on social media siteswhere the hoopla first began.