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Don’t be oblivious, be informed

(09/23/12 2:03pm)

Politics: the word intimidates me. Not because I’m incapable of having an opinion or because I’m one of the most indecisive people you will ever meet, but because it is surrounded by argument and controversy. The loss of jobs, the oil spill, the war in Iraq - all of it is wrapped in a muddled state of confusion simply because there are people yelling at each other on TV about it. Blue or red, elephant or donkey, republican or democrat, there always seems to be something to fight about.

Finding lasting fixes

(01/27/13 5:18pm)

Temporary fixes are just that: temporary. We look around at the chaos and the logical thing to do is attempt to “stop the bleeding.” The object is to get a clear vantage point, to see what it is that is actually happening. We make a botched attempt to fix things for that moment in order to gain more time to figure out the game plan.

To carry or not to carry

(02/13/13 6:57pm)

Apparently someone was stabbed back in September at Robinson. Apparently. See, my source is anything but reliable, and after calling the Allendale Campus Dispatch to ask about both this mysterious shanking and the sirens that had been going off all day, I was told that the first incident probably didn’t happen, and even if it did, “I cannot give you that information at this time.” As for the cause of the sirens, I “cannot get that information at this time.” Feeling like a master of trickery, I asked my criminal justice teacher if she knew anything about a stabbing, or why police cars were speeding around in every which way near the Lake buildings.

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