GV alumna wins $50,000 prize for female artists

The Grand Valley State University art program has helped countless young, talented artists grow into highly skilled and successful professional artists. Recently, alumna Aneka Ingold has proved this through her achievement in winning $50,000 in the first Bennett Prize, the largest prize ever awarded to solely female painters. Ingold, who graduated from GVSU in 2013 with a degree in painting, works and teaches in Tampa, Florida depicting creative and subversive portrayals of the female experience through her colorful, detailed paintings. On her site, Ingold states that she attempts “to represent a shared female experience” through vibrant visual stories.

Photographed by Benjamin Hunt. Childrening learning environment. Calder. Monday 4/8/19.

Offering: The art of environmental education

Grand Valley State University artist-in-resident Melanie Daniels collaborated with the CA Frost Environmental and Science Academy to guide children in spreading environmental awareness through artistic expression.   Daniels, also a visiting professor, presented the “Offering” exhibit in the Padnos Gallery of the Calder Art Center. Amy Paul’s fourth-grade students were invited to the GVSU Visual Arts building, where they began to take part in the project which combined exploring themes of the environment as they created art for the gallery.  

Courtesy: Professors Caitlin Horrocks and Renee

GV writing and art students create unique stories at Desire: Storytellers / Storymakers

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines the word “desire” as “to long or hope for.”  In a societal and psychological context, desire is the force that motivates people to strive for more, aim higher, and better themselves. To explore and demonstrate the energy of desire, Grand Valley State University writing and art students will soon collaborate in an exhibition that portrays the rawness of internal yearnings, entitled Desire: Storytellers / Storymakers.  On Monday, April 1, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. at the Calder Art Center, the collaborative exhibition between two GVSU departments will take place. The Advanced Fiction and Creative Nonfiction courses and Intermediate Jewelry and Metalsmithing course have come together to investigate all facets of the word “desire.” 

Courtesy /

GV graduates discuss vulnerability through art

As thousands of graduating students left Grand Valley State University after the latest fall semester, Bachelor of Fine Arts seniors watched their artwork go on display. Emily McKenna and Ashley Acton, two recent GVSU alumni, shared an exhibit at Spiral Gallery in Grand Rapids called “Explorations of the Body,” which took place throughout December. The three-week show discussed the vulnerability and social stigmas of the human body through photos, sculptures and interactive artwork.

GVL / Sheila Babbitt

GV professor illustrates surrealist poetry

Grand Valley State University art history professor Kirsten Strom will showcase illustrations of French Surrealist poet Robert Desnos’ work in her exhibit “Apple Blossom and Nightingale" featuring translated poems from the original collection, "Chantfleurs et chantfables." 

Systems Processing Curatorial Exhibition.  Courtesy / GVSU VMA

“Systems Processing” exhibit plants collaboration between art and agriculture at GVSU

The Curatorial Studio course and the Sustainable Agricultural program collaborated to present a collection of interdisciplinary and multimedia artists at the “Systems Processing” art exhibition. The event was held at the Sustainable Agriculture Project in Allendale, and it took place on Nov. 29 and 30. The art exhibit was organized by professor Dulcee Boehm’s Curatorial Studio course. The course was structured to teach students how to curate a show and the curriculum allowed the students to experience the development of the “Systems Processing” exhibit, a project the students worked on for a large portion of the semester.


GVSU to host "Artist Talks" for graduating seniors

A handful of Grand Valley State University’s Bachelor of Fine Arts students gave an “Artist Talks” presentation on Friday, Nov. 30 at the Mary Idema Pew Library as part of their Senior Seminar course. Each of the six seniors gave a presentation about their creative process, inspiration and work.   

A piece from “Command + N” by Jacob Mol.  Courtesy / WKTV

GVSU students to create brand through capstone exhibitions

Approximately 20 students within Grand Valley State University’s Visual and Media Arts Department are now showcasing their semester-long projects, in which they aimed to represent their collegiate educational experiences. The displayed works will include students from various majors within the art department. The projects include graphic design, photography, metals, printmaking, painting, visual studies and illustration. “Command + N” was the first of five exhibitions to be showcased, kicking off the senior showcase on Nov. 26.