GVL / Courtesy - David Levinthal

Jim Crow Museum receives polaroids worth $2M

Ferris State University is home to the Jim Crow Museum, a spot known throughout the country and the world for its large collection of racist memorabilia of African-Americans in the U.S. In December 2017, the museum received an anonymous donation of photographer David Levinthal's original polaroids, with an estimated value of $2 million. 


Arts briefs 2/19/18

Levi Rickert, editor and publisher for “Native News Online,” captured a series of photographs of the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline in the Standing Rock reservation.  His photos, amounting to 1,500, covered the movement of the protests from Standing Rock to Washington, D.C., to Lansing. They are currently on display in the Exhibition Space of the Mary Idema Pew Library.

GVL/Hannah Zajac— Creators of Fierce Pussy give a lecture on the power of feminism in Kirkhoff on Thursday 15 Feb 2018.

Feminist artist group gives lecture on activism

Formed in 1991, “fierce pussy” is a lesbian feminist artist collective known for its activism during the AIDS crisis. Nancy Brooks Brody, Carrie Yamaoka and Joy Episalla, three of the four “fierce pussy” original core members, delivered a lecture at Grand Valley State University on Thursday, Feb. 15, in the Kirkhof Center Grand River Room. 

GVL / Courtesy - Lyndsie Hosang
Lyndsie Hosang practices henna during the summer time

Student-led event to shed light on disrespectful use of henna

The use of henna to apply intricate designs has roots as old as Ancient Egypt, but in the modern day, its popular use is typically seen on the hands and forearms of curious individuals. Unbeknownst to many, their designs may be disrespectful in some contexts, which will be the main topic of discussion during “Henna: Appreciation or Appropriation?” on Tuesday, Feb. 20, at 8 p.m. in North Living Center C’s second-floor lobby. 

GVL / Courtesy - gvsu.edu

GVSU professor to lecture on local artist's life, legacy

The art of German immigrant Mathias J. Alten fills the homes of Michiganders, decorates historic furniture and dominates the walls of Grand Valley State University’s George and Barbara Gordon Gallery. Alten’s life will be explored Wednesday, Feb. 21, as professor Ellen Adams delivers a lecture titled “Mathias J. Alten: The Artist As Worker.” 

GVL / Courtesy - fiercepussy.org

NYC artists to discuss art, activism at GVSU

After taking students to an art exhibit in Chicago that featured the artist collaborative “fierce pussy” and seeing the impact that it had on the students, Grand Valley State University professor of sculpture, visual studies and foundations Anna Campbell invited the group of queer artists from New York City to give a series of lectures on campus.  

GVL/ Sheila Babbitt
Students gather at the Beyond the Frame student exhibition Reception on Thursday February 8th, 2017.

GVSU students curate film and video exhibition

Film, video and photography are diverse artistic mediums with a wide range of possibilities in terms of creativity and vision. To demonstrate this, a group of Grand Valley State University art students has curated an exhibition featuring a collection of coursework from GVSU film, video and photography students. 

GVL / Courtesy -  Rachel Britton
Jack Dup

GVSU student on passion for drag, fine arts photography

When students decide on a career path, looking at what they used to do when they were younger can help them choose which path might be best suited for them. For Grand Valley State University senior and photography major Rachel Britton, finding a career path has been a back-and-forth process, but photography has been pretty constant in their life.