GVL / Courtesy - Hubert Massey

GVSU alumnus creates art on a larger scale

Though images of the “Mona Lisa” or “American Gothic” have become iconic, art doesn’t have to be constrained to an easel. The work of Grand Valley State University alumnus and muralist Hubert Massey has shown that unique creations can be produced through grand combinations of art, architecture and engineering.

GVL / Emily Frye
Grand Valley State University Art Gallery displaying a new exhibit about the Great Lakes. It is set to open Jan. 19th.

Great Lakes: Image and Word exhibit celebrates collaboration

With peaceful beauty and overwhelming power, the Great Lakes serve as a vital resource and an important part of life for the environments they impact. The new “Great Lakes: Image and Word” exhibit in the art gallery of the Performing Arts Center will show the implications of living within the influence of the Great Lakes through the collaboration of 16 poets and artists.