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GVSU to showcase largest collection of Mathias Alten works

Grand Valley State University owns the largest public collection of Michigan painter Mathias Alten’s work, which is now available to students via digital library. The collection includes paintings, letters and various personal items and photos that students can browse from home. The George and Barbara Gordon Gallery has been reserved solely for Alten’s work since its opening in 2000. The addition of a digital library intends to expand the gallery’s reach. GVSU said that the library will make the collection “easier to access and learn directly from a collection of primary and secondary resources.” 


Proposed Title IX changes could affect how GVSU responds to assault

On Friday, Nov. 16, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos proposed an overhaul to the rules regarding campus sexual assault. The new rules, which could go into effect as soon as spring of 2019, could affect the way Grand Valley State University addresses certain sexual misconduct allegations on and near campus. These rules would be the first regulations to determine how schools should meet their legal obligations under Title IX, the 1972 law which prohibits sexual discrimination in federally funded academic institutions. The proposed regulations are now facing a 60-day public comment period before they will be finalized.

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Honors College fields public opinions in reworking honors curriculum

Grand Valley State University’s Frederik Meijer Honors College is currently in the stages of proposing changes to the honors curriculum. If adopted, revisions to the curriculum could be seen in the fall semester of 2020. The current honors curriculum includes a First Year Interdisciplinary Sequence (12 credits), Disciplinary Courses to satisfy additional remaining General Education requirements, a Junior Seminar (three credits) and a Senior Honors Project (one to four credits).

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Fall Science Conference encourages support of STEM in classrooms

On Wednesday, Nov 17,  teachers and other educators from across the state gathered for the 34th Annual Fall Science Update Conference. Organized by Grand Valley State University’s Regional Math and Science Center, the event focused on encouraging students to pursue STEM-fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in hopes that today’s students can become tomorrow’s problem solvers.  

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Spotlight Productions brings Ben Awrey of Young Pioneer to campus

Vocalist Ben Awrey of Michigan band Young Pioneer performed an acoustic concert for Grand Valley State University at the Cook-Dewitt Center in Allendale at 9 p.m. The show was held on Nov. 15 and was sponsored by GVSU's Spotlight Productions.   Junior Kalie Tomlinson is the Concert Chair of Spotlight Productions and in charge of coordinating concerts for the organization’s events on campus. Tomlinson and Awrey connected at a previous concert, which led to Awrey’s collaboration with Spotlight Productions. She expressed her excitement about bringing Awrey and his music to GVSU’s campus. In past years, she said Spotlight Production used to host a coffee shop series, and since she said she loves music—this concert was her way of bringing it back.