Michigan kombucha unites

Local West Michigan company Sacred Springs Kombucha will be hosting the first Michigan Kombucha Festival at their Grand Rapids Taphouse.  Kombucha tastings, a homebrewing competition and a Kommunity Kombucha brew will occur during the Saturday, May 18 festival. The ticketed event will be held at the Sacred Springs Kombucha Taphouse at 1059 Wealthy St. SE from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The organizers of the festival reached out to every Michigan kombucha company, all of which are involved in the festival in some way.  Sacred Springs co-owner Joel Andrus said almost the whole state is represented by a kombucha brewing company from that area. 

GVL / Ben Hunt

Parkland high school shooting survivor talks safety and reform at GV

A year after the infamous shooting at her high school in Parkland, Fla., survivor Samantha Fuentes visited Grand Valley State University to provide her story and  perspective about gun violence in American schools. On Feb. 27, she sat on a discussion panel with several faculty members from GV’s College of Education. The event titled ‘Safe Learning Environments for our Students’ was held in Loosemore Auditorium on the Pew Campus and explored the various questions of ethical safety in schools.

March 1 student senate general assembly, GVSU pew campus. GVL / McKenna Peariso

Student senate holds first ever downtown GA

Each Thursday, Grand Valley State University's student senators convene in Allendale campus' Kirkhof Center for their general assembly meeting. For the final GA before spring break, however, senators decided to change things up. For the first time ever on Thursday, March 1, Student Senate held its weekly GA meeting in the university club room on GVSU's Pew campus. The push for the Grand Rapids meeting location came from several downtown-based senators, including Senater Olivia Kolc who helped organize the downtown assembly. The final GA before spring break was compiled with a visitor from the Grand Rapids city manager's office, some discussions on campus affairs and approval of the body's common technical framework.

Women, Gender, and sexuality studies anniversary celebration. March 21st, 2019. GVSU PEW Campus, Loosemore Auditorium. Alumni Panel. Julia Mason, Kristen J. Cuhran fuller, Jazz Mckinney, Erika Vandyke, Dani Vilella. GVL / Benjamin Hunt

Celebrating 45 years of Women's Studies at GV

The WGS anniversary celebration was held on March 21 on GVSU’s downtown campus with several other workshops occurring during the week with keynote speaker Dr. Mel Michelle Lewis. The event centered around the effect the WGS program has had on its students, community and the progression of marginalized voices. Beginning with an alumni panel, the celebration was able to note how WGS studies can make all the difference both before and after college.

Drew McWilliams tests water from Lake Michigan for E-Coli inside of the Robert B. Annis Water Resource Institute (AWRI) in Muskegon on Wednesday, July 8, 2015. GVL/Archive

GV's Annis Water Research Institute formally partners with MSU

Research into water-related issues and threats continue to be a primary concern for Michiganders, whose identity is rooted in the Great Lakes; this is what makes Grand Valley State University’s Annis Water Resources Institute (AWRI) so essential to ongoing discussions about water. Recently, AWRI has partnered with Michigan State University’s Institute of Water Research (IWR) to collaborate on future water research projects. 

GVL / Sheila Babbitt

Health forum to explore organ transplantation

Grand Valley State University continues its commitment to health education through various health forum events, the most recent upcoming event will be held on Friday, Feb. 1 in the Loosemoore Auditorium. "Organ Donation and Plastination," the forum’s topic for discussion, is open to the public and aims to show the current realities of the organ transplant process. Presentations begin at 8 a.m. with a range of health and transplant experts from GVSU and the west Michigan area, the event will conclude at 9:30.

GVL / McKenna Peariso

DeVos Center wedding construction kept under wraps

Grand Valley State University is host to many events and receptions each year,  including weddings, as its various campuses offer exclusive settings and exquisite backdrops for significant occasions. On Saturday Jan. 19, an anonymous GVSU alum was married on the Grand Rapids Pew Campus. The large amount of construction for the event calls into question what limits the university will go to provide a special space for a campus wedding.

Courtesy / WKTV Journal

Ferris Coffee and Nut facility to become Innovation and Design Center

The former Ferris Coffee and Nut facility on GVSU's Pew Campus is currently being renovated to become the new Design Center as part of the College of Engineering and Computing. The ability to renovate an existing space allows the university to avoid the delays and expenses that come when constructing a new building. The center will offer more collaborative spaces and development labs for engineering students.