The longest shutdown in United States history

As of Sunday, Jan. 13, Trump’s border wall has now instigated the longest shutdown of government agencies in United States history. The previous record breaker was a 21 day shutdown in 1996 (a length less daunting now in retrospect) which had been driven by a very different budget conflict. Then-President Bill Clinton vetoed the republican majority’s significant budget cuts, concerned about hikes in medicare premiums and slashes in education and the environment.


New year, new mindset

All of these things can contribute to a better quality of life, but oftentimes people don’t think about reinventing their mental health as much as they think about improving other, more visible aspects of their lives. This year, I encourage all of you who are coming into 2019 with the “new year, new me” attitude to put forth the effort to enhance your mental wellness as a means to make your other goals more attainable. 


2018: The Year of Foodborne Illness

Though it’s too late for the side salads of countless Thanksgiving dinners, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is finally rolling back some of their warnings about E. coli in romaine lettuce. Whether “you should be fine as long as you don’t eat any from California” will be enough to reassure consumers about romaine’s safety remains to be seen; I for one will certainly be side-eyeing the options at the salad bar for the foreseeable future. If one thing can be sure, it’s that much like November, December is going to be a great month to own an iceberg lettuce farm. 

Bart Williams scans the field for an open target in 2017.  GVL / Emily Frye

A letter to Laker Nation

Editor's note: With the career of GVSU football's all-time leader in pass yardage and touchdowns coming to a close, Bart Williams sends an exclusive farewell to the community he spent six years with. 


What Is “fake news?”

In the last two years we have seen numerous changes in the work of journalism and news reporting. There has been a ride in the coverage on politics, headline stories revolving around it in some way or form each day. With this change in news coverage, we have also been introduced to a new phrase, “fake news”, that is heavily used and discussed by many politicians, journalists and viewers today. 

The student section turnout was sparse during the Lakers' playoff game on Saturday, Nov. 17. GVL / Brady McAtamney

Column: You probably aren't as big of a GVSU fan as you think

Do you have school spirit?  Most students will gladly answer with a gleeful ‘Yes! Go Lakers!’ but turnouts at sporting events would suggest differently. I understand completely that we’re a Division II school so our teams’ games will more often than not be less intriguing than the likes of Michigan or Michigan State, but that does not mean that students should ignore Grand Valley State athletics completely.