GVL / Courtesy - Eric Lacerna

GVSU houses a new campus drag club

Courtesy of Grand Valley State University’s newly formed drag club, not all Mondays are dull. On a weekly basis, students can gather in the Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center for a night filled with colorful outfits, diverse company and topics in drag.

GVL / Courtesy - Anna Campbell
"Chosen Family, Chosen Name, Separatist, Safe Space, Ex-Pat, Invert, Homophile, Homestead" display

'Almost Home'

Across the globe, the idea of home translates differently from person to person. In general terms, the word simply means a place of residence, family or a location with fond memories. For others, this concept is not conveyed in a traditional standpoint. With this vision in mind, Grand Rapids artist Anna Campbell, assistant professor in Grand Valley State University’s department of art and design, created her work “Chosen Family, Chosen Name, Separatist, Safe Space, Ex-Pat, Invert, Homophile, Homestead,” which was on display at the Mary Idema Pew Library Friday, Jan. 13 through Tuesday, Jan. 31.

GVL / Sara Carte
Students spend time in the LGBT Resource Center on Tuesday, January 18, 2017.

GVSU 'Out List' promotes solidarity to LGBT youth

Whether it is finding community among peers or cultivating a mentorship, connections based on common ground and lived experiences play a significant role in gaining comfort in one’s personal identity. For this reason, Grand Valley State University has created an “Out List,” a collection of faculty and staff who openly identify as part of the LGBT community.

GVL/Archive - Drag queen Gabriella Galore performs during the Rainbow Social on Friday Sept. 11, 2015 inside the Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center.

Unsafe for the holidays

While countless students at Grand Valley State University are looking forward to holiday break and time with family away from school, many students who identify within the LGBT community are hesitant to return to their childhood home.

GVL / Sara Carte
Eric Lacerna studies inside the LGBT Resource Center on Sept. 29, 2015.

'Wear the Rainbow'

In an effort to affirm the varying gender identities of students, the Grand Valley State University Milton E. Ford LGBT Resource Center held its annual event ‘Wear the Rainbow: a Trans and Genderqueer Clothing Swap.’

GVL / Courtesy - GVSU Niara Mentoring Program

Staff, students find support through mentorship

Nestled within the comforts of Grand Valley State University’s Women’s Center, in collaboration with the Office of Multicultural Affairs, women of color will come together throughout the year for guidance, support, connection and discussion. Niara is a Swahili word meaning, “one with high purpose" and also a GVSU mentorship program, connecting women students of color to staff and faculty of color in order to enhance their college experience.