Standing by DACA students

Whether you agree with President Trump's decision to end DACA or not, it is hard to take issue with Grand Valley state University President Thomas Haas' student outreach. For members of GVSU's community, the responsibility rests on our shoulders to make our campus environment welcoming to all. Regardless of our political views, this should include DACA students who are here for the same reason non-DACA students are: to get an education.


Why students should be engaging outside the classroom

At any "good" university, the academics are going to be rigorous, as they should be. When students are appropriately challenged in the classroom, though, it can be difficult for them to fit in extracurricular activities, including ones that may actually enhance their academic learning, provide them with real-world experience, build their resumes and ultimately give them a leg up in the job market. In fact, extracurricular activities like internships, research and study abroad may even prove to be more valuable for students in the long term than countless hours spent studying and attending classes.


Getting the support they need

Grand Valley State University was recently awarded a $375,000 grant to fund an initiative called "Fostering Laker Success," a program designed to support students who have been in foster care. In a sea of more than 25,000 students, it is often easy for individuals, particularly students from difficult or complicated backgrounds, to feel neglected. This grant, though, which was authored by two GVSU staff members, is a concrete example of GVSU's commitment to work actively toward creating a prosperous and inclusive campus life for all students.