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Jim Harrison

Author Jim Harrison leaves legacy at GVSU

Scrawled mostly on yellow legal pads in black felt tip pen, author Jim Harrison wrote everything from letters, to poetry and drafts of manuscripts. Placed carefully into acid-free boxes and organized into folders, the collection containing all of these writings is stored in the university archives at Grand Valley State University.

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'Speak Like a Girl'

Throughout the past decade, feminist voices have risen in volume. Celebrities like Beyoncé and Ellen Page have proudly claimed the title, however other public figures have rejected feminism entirely.

GVL / Sara Carte - The Kaufman Interfaith Institute Program Manager, Katie Gordon, speaks with students and staff at the Religius & Spiritual Identity Listening Sessions in the DeVos Campus on Wednesday, Mar. 23, 2016.

Students celebrate culture at GV

Festivals offer the chance to indulge in entertainment, activities and, of course, try free food. However, they also provide the opportunity to try something new and learn about diversity. At Grand Valley State University, the Intercultural Festival has become a tradition to ensure students experience culture in an interactive way.

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Tri Sigma hosts second annual cupcake competition

As the semester draws to a close, students may find themselves overwhelmed by the intense reality that finals are looming just around the corner, a mere four weeks away. The ladies of Grand Valley State University’s Tri Sigma are hosting a sweet event that’s sure to cure those end-of-the-semester jitters.