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GV students gain advantage in U-M pharmacy program

For pharmacy students hoping to continue their education, a new opportunity may provide them with an edge in finding a graduate school. Last week, the presidents of the University of Michigan and Grand Valley State University signed an agreement establishing a program that provides a small number of GVSU freshmen with preferred admission to the U-M doctoral pharmacy program.

Some Copper Beech residents’ leases end before finals week. These residents must find temporary living arrangements.

Off-campus move-out

With the stress of finals already building, some Copper Beech residents have another potential obstacle to overcome: where to live. The complex’s residents are required to move out by April 24, although Grand Valley State University’s finals continue through April 30.

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Concerns arise over new sign language courses

With the establishment of all new ideas, products or programs, there is always a surrounding buzz of activity; a murmur of agreement or disagreement to accompany every accomplishment. With the announcement of the spring semester’s newly-added American Sign Language courses came a wave of these murmurs, many of them torn between celebrating this new program while questioning some aspects of its existence.

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Humane Society fundraiser was held in Kirkhof

GV Humane Society works to end dog fighting

The Humane Society of the United States estimates 40,000 people witness or participate in staged dog fights each year. But Saturday afternoon, the Humane Society of Grand Valley State University fought back with is with its largest event ever, the End Dog Fighting fundraiser, in hopes of helping put an end to the illegal and often deadly sport.

GVSU does not allow medical marijuana patients to use on campus, though such use is legal in Michigan.

GV's policy outlaws medical marijuana

In 2008, 63 percent of Michigan voters said “yes” to proposal one, which legalized the use of medical marijuana under physician appointment. Surrounding the Medical Marijuana Act of 2008 has been a firestorm of controversy, especially concerning the workplace.

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Project Donation

Project Donation to collect move-out discards

When students begin to move out of the on-campus housing at Grand Valley State University the week of final exams, unwanted items can be donated rather than sent to a landfill. Students will be able to donate any belongings they do not want to take home by placing them in donation boxes, which will be placed in each living center this Friday.