2/2/19, GVSU Allendale Campus, Polar Vortex.  GVL / Katherine Vasile

GV cancels week of classes due to Polar Vortex, sets school record

In the last week, Michigan has faced its coldest days since 1996, rightly claiming the week’s weather forecast title of Polar Vortex 2019.  The temperatures hit record lows for the last two decades, with highs below zero and wind chills hitting 50 below zero  in some parts of the state, making for dangerous conditions for anyone outside for more than five minutes. 


Seidman College of Business shares alumni insights through speeches

According to a 2017 report by Jeffrey Selingo at the Washington Post, business is currently the most popular major for college students in the United States. In fact, every year, almost 20 percent of all degrees given out by higher education institutions are in a business-related field, such as economics, finance or accounting.  In the Fall 2018 semester at Grand Valley State University, 4090 undergraduate students and 273 graduate students were enrolled in the Seidman College of Business, proving the statistics true.

Courtesy / GVnow

FBI agents answer questions, educate students on field

On Tuesday, Jan. 25, students from any academic area interested in working for the FBI were able to get a glimpse of what that future would hold for them at the 2019 FBI Collegiate Academy held in the Loosemore Auditorium in the DeVos Center on Grand Valley State University's Pew Grand Rapids Campus.  This was the first time that GVSU’s School of Criminal Justice hosted the event, and they “hope to bring it back in the Fall of 2019,” according to Williamson Wallace, Director of GVSU's Criminal Justice Training. 

Courtesy / Rachel McMahon

GV student cited as top Buzzfeed quiz maker, second-most driver of website traffic

Millions of users flocked to Buzzfeed’s website due to the work of a Grand Valley State University sophomore’s quiz-making prowess. Rachel McMahon, a communications studies major, was cited as Buzzfeed’s second largest driver of worldwide website traffic due to her nearly 700 quizzes she made for the website.  McMahon said her quiz making started as a way to pass the time during her yearbook class at Hudsonville High School. When she discovered the ability to make quizzes in April 2017, she said she was hooked. 

Courtesy / Google Maps

Increased ethylene oxide emissions surround Pew Campus

Viant Medical Inc. of Grand Rapids is currently facing scrutiny from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) after the company violated ethylene oxide emission levels. Located at 520 Watson St., the company stands less than half of a mile away from Grand Valley State University’s downtown Pew Campus.    On Friday, Jan. 18, all GVSU students received an email from university officials warning them of the increased level of ethylene oxide.  

Shannon Cohen speaking at Grand Valley in remembrance of Martin Luther King. GVL / Andrew Nyhof

GV MLK Jr. week encourages celebrating King's legacy through activism

The week of Jan. 21, Grand Valley State University celebrated what has now become a campus-wide affair: Martin Luther King Week. This year’s theme of “Break the Silence” was evident throughout the week’s events.  The week-long celebration began on Monday with workshops, a silent march, a keynote presentation by David Stovall and a #BreakthesSilence panel discussion. The last event was held on Saturday, Jan. 26, entitled “The MLK Jr. Day of Service and Solidarity,” where students involved were educated on the Civil Rights Movement. 

GVL / Rachel Matuszewski

Applied Medical Device Institute earns $500,000 grant

The Grand Valley State University College of Engineering was recently awarded $500,000 by the Grand Rapids SmartZone to create medical devices from the new Carbon, Inc. 3D printer.  The Local Development Finance Authority (LDFA) promotes small businesses to get through their first years, otherwise known as “the valley of death”. The LDFA manages Tax Incremental Funding (TIF) money within the city of Grand Rapids. They also sort through proposals and ask if they are good for the city, retain talent and help develop their infrastructure.