Courtesy / Kayla Cupples

"Unplugged" campaign encourages mindful usage of technology

Grand Valley State University Campus Recreation team members are logging out of their social media accounts, checking their emails less and spending more time with others - and they’re encouraging others to do the same.  The department began their “Unplugged” campaign Oct. 1, a two week campaign that features a series of events and activities to help students spend less time on their phones and more time experiencing the world. Throughout the campaign, Campus Recreation will be collecting stories about how and why students are unplugging and posting them online.

Many students came to listen to the debate discussing the topic of Marijuana legalization in the Multi Purpose room of the library on September 26th, 2018.  GVL / Sheila Babbitt

Prop One: Up in smoke?

On Wednesday, Sept. 26, Grand Valley State University hosted another Democracy 101 discussion, this time centered on legalizing and decriminalizing the recreational use of marijuana. While voting trends have indicated that the proposal is likely to pass, anti-legalization groups are still working to prevent the proposal from passing.  General elections are coming up on Nov. 6 and the vote for legalizing recreational marijuana, known as Proposal One, will come to ballot. The Democracy 101 discussion gave students, faculty and members of the community a chance to consider facts, perceptions and data while examining the authorization process of this issue.

A student uses the new Laker Guardian App.  GVL / Sheila Babbitt

Laker Guardian app expands student safety efforts

In an effort to ensure campus safety and easy access to emergency services, Grand Valley State University has recently updated their Laker Guardian app and encourage students and faculty to download it on their mobile devices.  Have you ever been afraid to walk from class to your car? Do you get worried during your past-dark workouts? Have you ever been on a first date that’s left you feeling uncomfortable? Now, thanks to a collaboration between the Grand Valley Police Department and RaveGuardian, the Laker Guardian app provides students with a virtual buddy when safety concerns arise. 

Courtesy / womens comission website

GVSU Women’s Commission hosts annual Fall Welcome

Grand Valley’s Women’s Commission hosted their annual kick-off event on Wednesday, Sept. 26—the Fall Welcome. The event was hosted in Grand Rapids for the first time ever in hopes of attracting more guests than usual. Each year, the Fall Welcome event is an opportunity to welcome the Laker community back to campus and see all the new faces at the beginning of the semester.

Courtesy / KBEI website

Climate change conference to welcome distinguished researchers on campus

The Koeze Business Ethics Initiative (KBEI) housed in Grand Valley’s Seidman College of Business will be hosting a climate change conference on Oct. 10 to examine the many different viewpoints on the subject. The conference will begin at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 1 p.m. in the William Seidman Center on the Pew Grand Rapids Campus. It will host a panel of speakers from Grand Rapids and other parts of the world to discuss how climate change impacts different professions and communities. 

Insomnia Cookies, 10745 48th Ave Suite A-100, Allendale Charter Twp.  GVL / Katherine Vasile 

Insomnia Cookies looks to cater to your late-night munchies

Open just in time for Grand Valley State University's 2018 fall semester, Insomnia Cookies provides decadent treats to fuel the study sessions that last long into the night. The chain is a popular staple on many college campuses across the country, as students are one of the target demographics specifically identified by the brand. Joining a number of other establishments such as Cottage Inn Pizza and Mully’s Bar and Grill, Insomnia Cookies hopes to capitalize on its proximity to a number of off-campus housing complexes, such as Meadows Crossing and Campus West Apartments. 

Courtesy / GVSU

GVSU hosts Fall 2018 study abroad fair

This semester's study abroad fair will showcase new destinations added for students to explore. This will include Iceland for the geology department, a trip to Chile for students participating in Trio, a new government organization toward first-time students going to college in their family, as well as a trip to Spain for athletes and their coaches. The most common destinations for students last year included the United Kingdom, Spain, and Ghana.

Alumnus Joe Howard III (left) and Kevin Schultz.  Courtesy / Junk King

GVSU alumnus donates cleanup services at football game

Cans and bottles strewn across the parking lots, wrappers and cups scattered in the stands, and so much wasted food. This massive mess often requires a team of volunteers who generally have to heap everything into a trash pile and dispose of it. Grand Valley State University is no exception, which is why on Sept. 22, GVSU alumnus and local business owner Joe Howard decided to volunteer his services to help clean up after the game against Michigan Tech.