It's time to rethink how we view women after sexual assault cases

In the U.S., we are frequently exposed to stories about powerful men taking advantage of their places in their respective industries. From clothing CEOs like Dov Charney to conservative television hosts like Bill O’Reilly, every once in a while, the public is rocked by news of lawsuits and sexual harassment claims, which are sometimes followed by celebrities and colleagues of the accused publicly condemning their actions.

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GVSU students need a more regulated fall breather

Between Labor Day and Thanksgiving, Grand Valley State University students don't get a formal break from their classes. Unlike at many other colleges that have an official fall break sometime in October to give students a reprieve from their studies, GVSU students have to power through midterms all the way to the official start of the holiday season.


Why I'm 'pro-choice'

As long as I have been able to form an opinion on the subject of abortion, I have considered myself to be "pro-choice." This is definitely an unpopular opinion in the conservative area that Grand Valley State University resides in.