Traits of a good roommate

One of the best parts about the college experience is the new people you meet and bond with, particularly the ones you live with. Simultaneously, roommates can be a frustrating and challenging part of campus living as well. Whether you move in with an old friend or start fresh with an unfamiliar face, you can’t always control how considerate your roommate will be. What you can control, though, is how considerate you are. There are several traits a good roommate has, all of which are based on respect and personal responsibility. 


New year, new mindset

All of these things can contribute to a better quality of life, but oftentimes people don’t think about reinventing their mental health as much as they think about improving other, more visible aspects of their lives. This year, I encourage all of you who are coming into 2019 with the “new year, new me” attitude to put forth the effort to enhance your mental wellness as a means to make your other goals more attainable. 


Profits over protection: NCAA inaction puts players' health on the line

The recent announcement of a new lawsuit accusing the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) of being “in favor of profits and self-promotion” over the safety of its players may sound like a large claim to some, but it rings as a repetitive headline to many. The new lawsuit sound eerily similar to an accusation filed in August that hits close to home: a lawsuit filed by the widow of the late Grand Valley State University quarterback Cullen Finnerty. 


2018: The Year of Foodborne Illness

Though it’s too late for the side salads of countless Thanksgiving dinners, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is finally rolling back some of their warnings about E. coli in romaine lettuce. Whether “you should be fine as long as you don’t eat any from California” will be enough to reassure consumers about romaine’s safety remains to be seen; I for one will certainly be side-eyeing the options at the salad bar for the foreseeable future. If one thing can be sure, it’s that much like November, December is going to be a great month to own an iceberg lettuce farm. 

GV Lanthorn Editorial

Finding resources during prominent S.A.D. months

The coming winter months bring more than just snow to west Michigan. The cold winds, blistering snow and absence of the sun contribute to the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which over 10 million Americans experience. SAD, known more commonly as seasonal depression, causes fatigue, decreased activity and feelings of hopelessness. With Grand Valley State University being located in an area of the United States that sees minimal amounts of sunlight during the winter months, it is important that students are aware of how weather conditions can affect their mood and productivity.

Bart Williams scans the field for an open target in 2017.  GVL / Emily Frye

A letter to Laker Nation

Editor's note: With the career of GVSU football's all-time leader in pass yardage and touchdowns coming to a close, Bart Williams sends an exclusive farewell to the community he spent six years with.