GVSU Football Media Day 2017

GVSU football team all smiles at Media Day

It may be hard to remember at times, but football is a game, and games were created to be fun. One annual event that can always be counted on to be fun for Grand Valley State football players, coaches and journalists alike is Media Day, which was held Tuesday, Aug. 22, at Lubbers Stadium.

GVL / Emily Frye 
Alton Voss, Dylan Carroll, and DeOndre Hogan during the game against Wayne State University on Saturday Nov. 12, 2016

Leading by example

Arriving on a college campus for the first time as a freshman is a scary thing. Most show up without knowledge of the surrounding campus and lacking an established friend group, leaving them feeling timid and small. Fortunately for junior defensive lineman Dylan Carroll, who stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall and 260 pounds, he never feels small.