GVL / Courtesy - GVSU League of Legends Club

GVSU League of Legends team wins third place in national competition

When Grand Valley State University’s League of Legends team walked into Colombia College’s “Midwest Campus Clash” event and gaming expo, they had a new kind of sport stadium experience. The event, held Saturday, April 8, hosted multiple university teams that battled for cash prizes and the title of Campus Clash Champion. For Keegan Biegalksi, the competitive team manager, it felt almost like a professional sporting event with as much as $15,000 at stake.

GVL / Courtesy - Rachel Britton
Performer Christopher Royer

Drag club to host 'Destress Dragapalooza'

With finals approaching, a night of community and quality entertainment is a welcome idea. With this in mind, the Grand Valley State University drag club is taking initiative Wednesday, April 26, to host an amateur drag show. The show, called "De-stress Dragapalooza," will take place in the Cook-DeWitt Center at 8 p.m. and will feature GVSU students who are in the drag club as performers. The club hopes hosting an event like the drag show will raise student spirits during exam week.

GVL / Courtesy - Zoe Bruyn
Stir It Up bakery

‘Stir It Up’

Transitioning between school and work is a daunting change for college students. However, Zoe Bruyn managed to tackle both by starting her own business called “Stir It Up,” while still studying at Grand Valley State University.